The Changing Generation: June 2014

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It is one of my dreams to go to Pakistan – you believe it or not. Not just I wish to go there when I am awake, I even see myself cross the border in my dreams. This dream is not newly born. It has been there with me since I was nearly about 8-9 years. At that age, I didn’t even know the exact relationship or I may say the differences between the two ‘brother-sister’ nations. At that time, I just knew that some of the terrorists who had attacked Mumbai were of Pakistan and that India-Pakistan relations were not so good. But I don’t have any hatred towards our neighboring country – which most of you might be thinking that I feel such on the basis of above para. It is not so. Terrorism should be seen in terms of its ideology and the people who promote it, not the nation where they reside. But this should not make the nations wash off their hands from this great responsibility of combating terrorism from their motherlands. Hating or disliking any country on the basis of presence of terrorist groups is not okay. Because even India has got some terrorist and maoist group. And we are really trying hard to stop these activities and make our nation more peaceful. So every country with the co-operation of their citizens, should take steps to uproot terrorism. It was very sad to see the recent disastrous attacks at Karachi. I don’t understand why terrorist groups need to pick up violence as their arms to get their work done. …………………………….Click this link to view the complete post. —The Changing Generation: June 2014.


Dancing Dolls – Episode 2

Dancing Dolls – Episode #2

At about 7:35 am, 25 minutes before the class timing, she reached the class – her love, life and career – the ‘NRitya Shakti Studio’ [NRS Studio- Nritya Shakti means ‘the power of dance’] – a renowned, reputed dance class run b y the young couple – Samar and Sonya – the true dancing inspiration for the youth like them.

She looked up – observed carefully every letter printed on the big Name Plate at the top of the high building of the NRS Studio. While looking at that name NRS, she felt proud to be of this institute, but more than that, she was ‘thankful to this institute’ for giving her the love of her life – both ‘him’ and her dance.

She let out a deep breath. She closed her eyes and prayed to God to keep everything proper today.

She slowly started walking up the stairs of the institute and entered it. She passed through the Reception Counter, waving hands to everyone she saw and gifting smiles to everybody. She was really excited, but nervous too. “What is something goes wrong? No, no, nothing wrong will happen.” She convinced herself to stop these negative thoughts.

At the end of the reception hall, she turned to the corridor towards the left and walked till the last. There came the room – the ‘Advanced Batch Studio’ – her class. She pushed open the door slowly with her heart upbeat. Everything seemed still, except the soft breeze blowing her hair, her heart pounding fast and her eyes searching for him. She was feeling like a princess.

She then realized, he would definitely not be here this particular moment because she had come very early.

But suddenly, her heartbeat went fast again. Faster and faster, accelerating like anything.

“Hey Alifa! Come fast! Here!”, said the most beautiful and lovable voice, ubiquitous in all her body, mind and soul, predominant in every dream of hers.

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50 Important Facts About Having Anxiety…

Can relate to most of them. And thanks for observing your anxiety so much and listing out “50” points. Commendable 🙂

Every Word You Say

I was inspired by this post which listed 50 facts about having autism, so I thought I’d do a similar post about having anxiety. I’ve had anxiety since I was around 10 years old, and if you’ve been following my blog for a little while you’ll know it has improved in the last two years. But I still do have panic attacks and anxiety still plays an important role in my life. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, and as always I’d love to hear from you if you have anxiety yourself.

  1. We’re not attention seeking. We are genuinely scared of social interactions or triggering situations.
  2. We’re not vampires. Okay yes I am as pale as a piece of paper, and I burn like one too. But I do actually like to go outside, and I do like to socialise it’s just very stressful.
  3. It upsets us if…

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Dancing Dolls – Episode 1

Hello everyone! I am on an experiment now. So, I start with the very 1st episode of the story (The Experiment) written by me. Well, let’s not call it a chapter, I want it to be an episode- like the one you see in serials, films – the one you imagine, co-relate and visualise. Most importantly because, I have written it as if I was writing a film script. Because I have very Utopian visions and am a fantasy-lover. If it works out and you people like it, I would go on with the story episodically. So make sure to comment and tell me your views and yes, of course, constructive criticisms are really needed now ( for me at least).

Dancing Dolls – Episode #1

Today was going to be the best day of her life- the day she had always wished for. She was so excited that although she had set the alarm, she herself woke up just a minute before the alarm rang, sharp at 5:00 am. Slowly opening the shutters of her eyes, she smiled to herself and thought about the day- gifted by God himself to her, after her loads of wishes and requests to him for the fulfillment of her ardent desire. She was a pure, honest soul and had a beautiful mind, so God definitely had to give her this day. She was going to have the taste of the true happiness of her life.

Realising that she had already wasted her 10 minutes on visualising her dream, which was not going to be her dream anymore, but the reality itself, she immediately jumped out of her bed. She did not want any single mess this morning. The thought of the day constantly made her smile as she was really very excited.

She then went inside the bathroom to freshen up. While brushing, she was playing the music in her mind and also shaking and waving her body rhythmically, trying to fit in the most beautiful steps in the music. This really made her late. So now, she seriously got worried and in a haste came out of the bathroom, completely fresh, fragrant and fluorescent, emitting all the positive energy the morning had imbibed in her that day. She wanted to look extremely gorgeous today. But she didn’t want to make-up much- as it would give her an odd look, not acceptable on normal days. So, she just combed her hair which she thought was quite stylish as well as suited her the most- the one because of which he had complimented her for the first time. She sprayed a mild cologne all over her torso. She had picked the best dancing outfit for practice she had- peach coloured. And then, she went out on the way to that place by her bike, with all the visualizations of her dream still in her mind.

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Happy Birthday Amy!

A very very very very very Happy Birthday to my dearest Blog Friend – Amy (Every Word You Say).

Its the 15th July and it is her 18th birthday. May this be your best year ever dear. 🙂

With all my love, I pray to God to give you all the happiness, love and care in this world. I had never thought I would get such nice friends in this Blog-world.

But, then…… I got you and all my misconceptions went away.

We are miles apart, but still we have become good friends…….. You know why Amy?………. Coz you are a good person.

Your every post is an inspiration. Your every post reflects your unique character and your unique thoughts.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday once again. Tell your friends to punch you ’18’ times at your back on my behalf—- coz its your 18th Birthday—– 😛 😉

I know you like presents, everybody likes it. I can’t give you a real present ………… but but but…………. I can surely give you a ‘Virtual present’ since even we are ‘Virtual’ friends.

So here’s your present…………. Are you ready to open it?

Ok ………… You can open it……………………


Ta-naaa……….. Ta-daaaaa

Amy Birthday

Learn Hindi- Lesson #2

Sorry guys for such a late post. The thing is – my vacations have ended and my school has started. So I am quite busy these days. Still, NO PROBLEM. I am here again with Learn Hindi- Lesson#2


I have uploaded this picture for ready-use to facilitate your learning.

INTRODUCTION AND CONVERSATION In the previous lesson we had already come across how to greet people and also how to tell your name and ask others’ names. Now, we will take this section forward and will learn more on ‘How to introduce yourself’ and also about the start-ups of general conversations. Introduction Lesson 2(1)


After telling your name and asking their names while talking to a stranger, you may want to ask there how-abouts.

Lesson 2(2) Lesson 2(3) Lesson 2(4)

After this, we generally ask people about their family. So, next. Lesson 2(5)

NOTE: You can click the pictures and open them up for a clear view. This much for now. Stay tuned for the last INTRODUCTORY lesson on’ Introduction and Conversation’ and then we would have something new.! Please feel free to leave comment below for any doubts, queries, suggestions, complaints or feedback.

P.S. — As requested, I will try to upload media content to make you clear about the letters and pronunciation. But, till then you could use this video.


Can you help?

Every Word You Say

A good friend of mine needs help. I’m going to get straight to the point here. Both her and her partner have mental and physical issues and they have two children in their care- a young girl and a little boy with Asperger’s. This family is being evicted and, because of the American welfare system, they have nowhere to go.

This is their gofundme page: Now I’m not asking you to donate, and many of you reading this will not be in the financial position to do so. But we can all help. You could take 3 seconds to reblog this post. Or you could take 5 seconds to go onto this page and share it with your Facebook friends. Anything to raise awareness of their situation.

But if you are financially able to donate, anything will help. $5 is the cost of your daily coffee, could you go without…

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