3rd Blog Anniversary

Hey Guys !

How are you all doing? Well, today is my Blog’s 3rd Anniversary !!! Yayy.. I am happy that now it has been a pretty good time here, but a bit disappointed in myself to not give this blog my time. But it’s okay. There are some priorities and there are some limitations as well. Priorities as in you all know about that. Limitation as I have previously mentioned in some of my posts is the fear of digging deep into your feelings. So one of the reasons for not giving this blog that much time is this. But at the same time I would also like to say is that writing has a very liberating feeling associated with it. A certain specific sense of relief and calmness.


Well, 3 years of the journey of Blog World ! A lot has changed. I started up as an opinionated teen aggressive on some political issues. Went through the self loathing and then self motivation phase.. and then the neutral phase.. where I am not THAT affected by too many things… going through all of these phases here on this blog. Feels great to have something that reminds me of my most significant transformations.


It’s been a pretty long time. Those who started their blogs near about the time I started, guys.. where are you all??

Those who have just connected with me on this network.. how’s life going on guys??


You know what, I really love reading life updates. So if any of you guys are up to writing a post about your current scene, please share the link.. 😊😊