Oh my God!
I had just forgotten that today it has been exactly 1 month since I started my blog and I’m pretty glad about it.
Writing has always helped me eradicate my worries, my tensions, my mind’s preoccupation, my sadness, my anguish, my outbursts of frustration, etc…etc……
I thank all of the co-bloggers to have found time and read my blog.
Thank you so much. It gives me immense pleasure that there are people with whom I can share what I feel without the fear of what they might think about me-coz they are unknown but so close to heart, and slowly will become friends-coz they have helped me in the most difficult time of mine by reading what I want to express.
Really, I read on the internet that to come out of depression or sadness , out of many ways, one way which is found in almost every website giving suggestions on this topic that- you should pen down your feelings or you can even start a blog!
And now, being a blogger I assure you it does- a lot!
It Is not that I read this suggestion and then started to blog. NO!
I had always wanted to express myself and so I started.
Well in this 1 month, there were many many hard times. But whenever I thought I was in a state of writing something, I wrote and then published it immediately and waited for any response.
And it made me really joyful to see “ _______ likes your post _____” or “ ________ is now following your blog ‘desiretoexpress’ “.
Really thanks a lot to all of you who are reading my blog, thank you all my followers.
I am quite interested in knowing people around the world, knowing them, their culture, the places where they live , and so on………. they just amaze me. And wordpress gives me just the perfect place to do so.

Well, my co-bloggers, I have a problem to share with all of you.map
I am an Indian.
And I noticed that in the ‘TRAFFIC INDICATOR MAP’ in our dashboards, India’s map is wrong. It shows a part of northern India in Pakistan and another northern part in China.
Please help me , what can I do to get the map correct???
Please do let me know.