So, here’s my 3rd award! Whoooooooooooo!

Am so excited and happy. And here’s  again Ashish for making me happy for nominating me for this award. The title of this award is quite interesting- “Encouraging Thunder Award”. It gives me the feeling as if ”
I am a young Indian who revolts for unjust things like thunder and encourage other young people like me”. Although, this is not the case. Its a long way to go!

Thanks again Ashish!

Here’s the logo-

So here are my nominations-

  1. Every Word You Say
  2. Everythingrachel1
  3. My Personal Teen Life
  4. Alex the Shadow Girl’s blog

My purpose for blogging – So, I started this blog with the aim for a social reform, at least in our minds. My aim was to bring to the notice of people the various problems of our society. My initial posts started with this topic. But gradually, while posting and reading others’ blogs I realised that I also have some problems that need to be eradicated. I was not happy. I was not content. I was sad and depressed. I realised society starts with individual. So, 1st I need to reform myself coz everything was not ok with me. So, then I started blogging about “myself”, “my feelings”, “my problems” and my personal teen life. And trust  me, this Blog World with such awesome people with great understanding made me come out of my problems to a great extent. And, here I am with much more Self Confidence and much much more Happiness.

The rules for this award are mentioned below…

  •    Post it on your blog.
  •    Add the Encouraging Thunder logo.
  •    Grant other bloggers the award.
  •    Mention your purpose in blogging.
  •    Thank the person who nominated you.

Hope to see the posts of my nominees soon.



Creative Blogger Award

2nd award!!!!! My God 🙂

Thank you so much Every Word You Say for this award. I always look for nominations including my name 😛 . Thanks Every Word You Say again. Love you and your blog.

So, coming to the next part, me a ‘Creative Blogger’?????? Shocking!!!! I find myself the most uncreative person. But surely I accept this award in delight. 🙂

Here’s the logo and its damn creative and beautiful.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. Thanks Every Word You Say 🙂 I wanna thank you infinite times 🙂
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.

Here we go :

  1. A strange one : I look into mirror while talking to my friends over phone. 🙂
  2. Thirsty for Languages: I wanna learn as many languages as I can to communicate with awesome people like you from around the globe. Recently I have made some deals with my co-bloggers to learn their native language and teach them mine. Also, I am a beginner in learning the Urdu Script.
  3. I am Mysophobic: Strange, but yes. I have excessive fear of germs and it does create problems for me at times. 😦
  4. I hesitate in calling people: I don’t know why, but I think I had done a blunder in my past life because of phone calls. I really hesitate in calling almost everyone, except my family members( who live with me) and 3-4 other members of the family who don’t live with us.
  5. Although I am good at public speaking skills (like debates, speeches, presentations,etc.), I have worst communication skills. That’s why I think I am here to socialize. And I starve for socializing, even though I may not be good at it.

Here are my nominations :

  1. Alex The Shadow Girl
  2. Dear Life
  3. Korean Teenager’s Life
  4. Mulling Out Cloud With Riha
  5. Stars Of Life
  6. Yourminiinfinity
  7. Everythingrachel1
  8. Breathe It’s OK
  9. Benjamuna’s Blog
  10. Thisismysuser

So, my nominations, I am waiting for your posts eagerly. 🙂


My 1st ever blog award – “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”


Finally the much awaited day has arrived. Honestly, I was eagerly waiting for this day to come – to get my 1st ever Blog Award ! And surprisingly, it is “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.


Yesssss, you read it right! I was nominated for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by Ashish Kumar. Well, Ashish, thank you so so so so so much for this.

This nomination forced me to write a post. I was not going to write any post until my mind and heart urged me to write about a very crucial topic. I was not going to post because of some personal issues. But this nomination made me write and gave me the inspiration to write again and never leave this blog!

But truly, I think I don’t deserve the attribute “Inspiring Blogger”. I am sorry Ashish, but I really accept this award from you very humbly, but the truth is I am the one who is in search of something inspirational, so that , I can get motivated. But then also, I am  very glad that someone finds my blog inspirational! That is really making me joyful!

Well, once again Thank You so much Ashish.

Here are my nominations for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” ——–

Stars Of Life

Thoughts from a Thinker

Dear Life


Sun, Sand, Stars and Dreams



Mulling Out Cloud With Riha

A Teenage Diary Online

Every Word You Say

So guys, with great effort I have made up this list coz I wanted to be honest with this job and I have tried my best to nominate the actual ‘Inspiring Bloggers’.

Congratulations to all the Nominees. You really inspire me.

The rules for Very Inspiring Blogger Award are mentioned below.

  •  Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  •  Add the logo to your post.
  •  Nominate ten (10) bloggers you admire and inform them of the nomination.

(The following questions are added by me.)

  • Nominees, please answer the following questions also. 🙂
  1. In your personal life, which person inspires you the most?
  2. Who is your role model?
  3. Do you make efforts to make others feel emotionally and mentally stronger? For example- to boost their confidence,or to give them suggestions or to help them the best you can?
  4. Which sound do you hear this current moment?
  5. Which is the best quote for you?