Learn Hindi- Lesson #2

Sorry guys for such a late post. The thing is – my vacations have ended and my school has started. So I am quite busy these days. Still, NO PROBLEM. I am here again with Learn Hindi- Lesson#2


I have uploaded this picture for ready-use to facilitate your learning.

INTRODUCTION AND CONVERSATION In the previous lesson we had already come across how to greet people and also how to tell your name and ask others’ names. Now, we will take this section forward and will learn more on ‘How to introduce yourself’ and also about the start-ups of general conversations. Introduction Lesson 2(1)


After telling your name and asking their names while talking to a stranger, you may want to ask there how-abouts.

Lesson 2(2) Lesson 2(3) Lesson 2(4)

After this, we generally ask people about their family. So, next. Lesson 2(5)

NOTE: You can click the pictures and open them up for a clear view. This much for now. Stay tuned for the last INTRODUCTORY lesson on’ Introduction and Conversation’ and then we would have something new.! Please feel free to leave comment below for any doubts, queries, suggestions, complaints or feedback.

P.S. — As requested, I will try to upload media content to make you clear about the letters and pronunciation. But, till then you could use this video.


Learn Hindi- Lesson #1

Because of the few language exchange deals which I had made with my Blog-Friends, here I am with Hindi lessons for all of you who are interested in becoming ‘Linguists’.

Hindi is rapidly emerging as a very popular language. It is the native language of India, also spoken in Nepal, Fiji, Pakistan, Trinidad, Tobago, Bangladesh, Singapore and South Africa.

With Sanskrit as its ‘mother language’ and ‘Devnagri’ as the script, Hindi is a language which has distinct letters representing almost every sound that can be produced by our mouth.

Vowels and Consonants

The vowels of English alphabet can be compared to ‘svar’ in Hindi and the consonants can be related to ‘vyanjan’. Both these together comprise the ‘varnmala’- the Hindi alphabet.

Please see the picture depicting all the letters in Hindi language.


Let’s start with the basics of Hindi language.

We greet people, especially our elders, by saying ‘Namastey’- while joining our hands and bowing down our heads in respect.

Lesson 1(1)

To introduce yourself

Lesson 1(2)

You might find the sentence weird because of the arrangement of words. But that is the way we write according to the Hindi Grammar. I will introduce about sentence formations in the future lessons.

Next, if you want to ask someone his/her name, then-

Lesson 1(3)

So, guys practice these, introduce yourselves to your friends or family in this way to become fluent and ask them their names too in this way. You will enjoy.

*P.S.- 1) I will soon be adding voice clips for your convenience.

2) Hindi and Urdu are the same language. Hindi is written in the Devnagri script and uses more Sanskrit words, whereas Urdu is written in the Perso-Arabic script and uses more Arabic and Persian words.

Hope you enjoy.