Hello everybody

Today I am going to introduce myself to you all a little more—I am going to introduce my HSP side, actually not a side , its whole of me, I am completely an HSP.

You might be wondering what is HSP???

So, here it is HSP – Highly Sensitive /Hyper Sensitive Person

Yes I am a Highly Sensitive Person – more than a quality it sometimes becomes a drawback.

Today’s incident only, an hour back only , I realised this fact again.

I went to a nearby stationary shop to buy notebooks for my new academic session. My friend has bought medium size 200 page notebooks as she thinks they are pretty cute – small and light to be kept in the bag. But I thought at least for Physics and Chemistry I need register size 200 page notebooks because the whole year I need it, since now no more semester system and also I need it for next year as well.How many notebooks I will maintain for a single subject???? -This was my thought. But I didn’t want to be “odd one out” as well.

While I was creating a list for the required things before going to the shop, I kept on thinking and thinking about whether I should buy register size or a medium size one. I kept on imagining what it will look like if I write in each of them and compared them. This was seriously too much thinking coz its just about buying notebooks. Its nothing right or wrong in that. But still I kept on thinking.

Even when I went to the shop, I still kept on thinking and thinking.

It irritated me a lot to think so.

Earlier I had read an article about the problems of HSPs. This is really a problem for me and I am frequently unable to make quick decisions because of this. When I read the article I realized, how I used to take so much time in making such petty decisions. So I decided to try not to care a darn in such petty decision making situations.

So, when I recalled this, then I thought “Let it be. I’ll see what happens. I’ll buy register size ones only.”

And with a hard heart I decided to do so overcoming my HSP problem.

But still its a huge huge and huge problem for me.

Does it also happen with anyone of you???? Please share it with me.

Anyone if knows the solution for this please let me know………….