My First YouTube Dance Video

Hey guys !!!

Finally I am up with my Dance Video on my college’s dance club’s YouTube channel. Please watch and comment. Here’s the link.


P.S. : It had been my desire since ages to upload my own video… Finally it’s here!!! Yayyyy !! 😊😊😊


On Track?

Hi guys!

Today, I had been in a long life-chat with my aunt. And suddenly I realised, that lately I have been quite off-track. Off-track in the sense that my goals, wishes, ambitions have been quiet not-right. I have been giving my emotional sanity way way too much importance than I should have. Life has so many other things to take care of! I had actually (unfortunately, but I have to say this) gone off-track. Had focused at the wrong side of things like friendships, relationships, my desires, pleasures, people’s perceptions, etc. But after this hours long chat with my aunt, I realised the purpose of what I am doing and what should be the purpose of what I have to do! I need to be strong emotionally as well as financially. So I think now, I will focus more on what will strengthen me and my near and dear ones, and not more on what is right and what is wrong and whether it is the right time or not. Rather, I would focus more on improving my  conditions and those of my loved ones, better. And rather than thinking too much about anything, if I feel that my one particular action can better up certain things, I think I’ll now try to do them.


Life is too short, but still we have to make it big! And I need to stop scheduling out things into the future. I should not focus on my amount of preparations, whether it is a perfect day or not, rather I should focus on how far it is left to attain success at that particular job.


I have now realised, that I have to create for myself a fresh set of ideologies and principles that I will have to bind myself to work upon, because had my stale set of ideologies been good enough, I would have not been in such a miserable state. That’s a clear indication that many things are not right with me, and I do need to change certain ways.


One Fine Day

One fine morning, I wake up smiling as wide as possible. I open the curtains of my big window to unfurl the amazing view of the hills far away, yet distinctly visible. It is early in the morning. I can faintly hear the chirping of the cute little birds. Oh! How sweet their voice sounds! It is a bit foggy morning, cool and calm and amazing vibes of positivity. The cool breeze travels all the way from beyond the hills, passing through the open green field in front of the hills and then finally reaching my chubby face.

The phone rings.

I pick it up with a wide grin. It was time to now officially start the morning with this person.

“Good Morning, Love!” he says with his 24-hours highly energetic voice!

“Good Morning!” I say with a little sigh of relief. Just his voice gave me an unimaginable dose of painkillers and happiness capsules at the same time.

“So have you taken your breakfast?”, he asked.

“Nope, dear! Woke up just now.”

“Oh, Okay! Have you received the multigrain cereal packets and those cupcakes that I had ordered online?”

“Yeah! I got them yesterday”, I spoke while making my bed and keeping things in order.

“Okay, but save the cupcakes till I come. Don’t eat even one.”

“Ah! You want to let them get spoiled? How can I keep them untouched for a year?”

“You won’t have to wait for a year.”

“Why? What kind of miracle is going to happen? In my kundli, the word WAIT has been written all over!!!”, I spoke with a slightly annoyed but sarcastic tone.

“No, seriously.”


“I am coming soon.”

“Sure? Is it not like last month, na?”

“No. This time for sure. But before that, I want you to meet someone today.”


“Someone. It’s a surprise. After your work. Afternoon 2 pm. Marine Coffee House.”

“Okay! Then bye. Gotta get ready for work.”



After finishing up all the work, I rush up to hire a taxi. In spite of it being so difficult, I managed to hire a taxi quite soon. And in no time, I reached my destination.

Who could be? I was excited… I thought maybe he would be there, trying to surprise me. How cliche, I thought! But it’s fine. I can bear that for him. Haha…

Amidst these strings of thoughts, I saw a familiar face, but a face unexpected here at this moment!

Is it her?

Oh my God!

Yes. She is his mom.

“Namastey Aunty!”

“Namastey Beta, jeeti raho! How are you? God! You’ve shrunk. Take this! I have made special cookies for you.” She handed me a small jar of my favourite cookies.

“It feels so great to see you Aunty!”

And his mom pulls out a beautiful golden kangan and puts it on one of my wrists. I am shocked. Just then, she pats my head and says, “Welcome to my family!”. And my phone rings. It was him.

“Hi! Hey! Why didn’t you tell me before, that Aunt is here?” I said with a ‘trying to be angry’ tone.

“Dumbo! I wanted to surprise you.”

“Yeah, fine!”

“Will you marry me?”


“Will you marry me, Miss Sunshine?”

“Why are you saying this now?”

“Put the phone on speaker.”


“I said na, just put the phone on speaker.”

“Don’t say anything rubbish okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just put it.”


“In front of my dearest mom as a witness, I officially put forward a marriage proposal to you, Miss Sunshine! Will you let this lunatic get some sanity? Will you be mine? Will you marry me?”


I said with a heart pounding crazily fast and loud. And my other wrist was grabbed by his mom, oops, my mom too from now on! Awww… And the other pair of kangan was put on.

“God bless you, sweetie!”

Tears welled up in my eyes.

“Hey, this is not a moment for crying, okay? So don’t you dare to lose even one drop of your precious tear”, the voice on the phone bursted loudly.

And we all laughed…

This was the day, I had been waiting for forever…



Twingg!!! 1 new post!


With the love of my life ❤
I wonder what would I have been without you! Thank you for coming and making everything so special. Cheers to our friendship and cheers to our love – feeling loved.
#RandomMeetUp #special #feelinggrateful

The browser window is closed and the laptop is being shut immediately. Tears well up in her eyes, but they don’t shed even a single drop! Perhaps, she was used to keeping them in or the tears didn’t want to come down through the darkest path that existed underneath her eyes, shouting out her insomnia to the cruel world.

Her hands shifted from the laptop to the pizza box beside her and her mouth was then rapidly stuffed with pizza slices in an attempt to use the fact that “Good food changes the mood”. But only to get despair. When even the last bite of the slice didn’t give her peace, she threw up the pizza box on the floor. The cushions, stuffed toys, a whole pile of older pizza boxes followed.

Her world shattered. But her world shattered everyday when the realisation hit her. The realisation that she was all alone, trying to survive in a world she just couldn’t fit in anymore. She wasb’t abnormal. But she just didn’t fit in anymore. Materialistic things didn’t matter to her even a single bit. But it doesn’t mean she was wealthy enough to ignore them. She wasn’t even poor to have such depressing state of mind. All she wanted was to live what she felt, express what emotions she had, and to speak to whom she loved the most, be it friends, family, or….

She searched for contacts of some friends to share her recent observation of her love’s life. She opened several contacts, couldn’t dare to call even one.Would they have even a spare minute to listen to my rubbish?

She opened her laptop again. ‘Welcome your blog!’ was the pop-up message. The title read ‘One Fine Day”. She scrolled down to the bottom-most part. She closed her eyes with a short breath. ‘Hills, his call, his mom, cookies, the day I had been waiting for forever…’. All crossed her bloody mind. She opened her eyes, eyes that showed pain. The mouse pointer hovered over a button on screen.

Delete Draft Permanently’

Click! ‘One fine day’, that was never a part of her life, was now, not even a part of her blog.

And bang! The laptop was closed again.

Bang, Bang! Sounded her kicks on her door,

and she was closed in her shell again.




Friday Movie Recommendations – 1

Hi guys.

How are you all? Hope you’re doing good.

So, from today onwards, I am starting a new series of blog posts that will be published on Fridays through which I will be recommending my favourite movies of any language.

So, I would like to tell you about the connection between me and movies. I am not a movie buff. (Shocking, because if not, why a movie recommendation series?) Well… I am sort of an entertainment and art-lover. So I am deeply interested in movies, music,dance.. basically anything creative. And having a family environment of people somehow involved in Art & Entertainment, that pushed me even more. Also, there is this one friend who is actually a movie buff and we had been always discussing about films. I became even more interested in trying and experimenting seeing new kind of films after that friend came into my life.


Guys, so here is my first recommendation of the series.


Shaala  (2012, Marathi)

Shaala- means School


Related image  Image result for shala marathi poster

This is a story based in 1970s emergency conditions of India. It gives an amazing feeling of school romance, with utmost simplicity and innocence. You will instantly feel good seeing the innocence of these kids. It gives flavours of a beautiful village where everyone is trying to get good education. This story is not just about romance, but also of other priorities in life and how life plays games and not every relation gets its perfect ending. It perfectly depicts how all of us are passengers in a train of life, enjoying each others’ company, but often forgetting that each one of us has a different station to reach.

You are going to get a huge amount of nostalgia of the good old times, times when having just a glance of the loved ones was a bliss, the times when communication was extremely difficult, but that didn’t stop two hearts to meet and greet, times when you could just fool around with your friends roaming the streets of your village after school hours.

The end of the movie may or may not disappoint you. But leaving the end of the movie aside, the rest of the movie takes on a completely different journey, even writing about which gives me an oh so good feelings.

Image result for shala marathi poster              Image result for shala marathi poster

Image result for shala marathi poster              Image result for shala marathi poster

Image result for shala marathi poster         Image result for shala marathi poster

 Image result for shaala marathi movie stills
You can watch this movie for free on (in India) with English subtitles. For other countries, I don’t really have an idea.
P.S. : I don’t own any of the photos used here.


Heart’s Call

Is it an illusion

or a string of connection

that is pinching me today,

forcing me to believe

you’re coming my way?


Why all of a sudden

this strange feeling had to happen?

It’s a sweet feeling for sure.

You’ve come for a broken heart,

you’ve come to cure.

And a realisation hit hard

thag our love is so pure.


How silly I am to believe!-

Out of all the things, you’re thinking of me !

It turns out to be true, now that’s my plea.

Please fulfill this need, please make me free.


How come I never felt this before?

When you were around all those times

and we had been exchanging

stares and smiles?


Why do I feel this?

When you are nowhere, even in a few miles.

After all this while

while our love had been in exile?


Is it just my overthinking

Or is it just my stupid mind

Are you thinking of me?

Is it really some telepathy?


How badly I wish this to be true.

How badly I wanna communicate

How excited I am to hear your name

How eager I am to feel your presence!


Don’t test my patience more

Coz I have already passed that with flying colours.

Now, it’s time for my reward

And to receive that, I’m losing it all.


Strange enough

I feel your touch

Which I never ever had.

Strange enough

Mind speaks your name

Even if it’s out of context!


Please come soon

Wanna see the glow of

The big love moon…

3rd Blog Anniversary

Hey Guys !

How are you all doing? Well, today is my Blog’s 3rd Anniversary !!! Yayy.. I am happy that now it has been a pretty good time here, but a bit disappointed in myself to not give this blog my time. But it’s okay. There are some priorities and there are some limitations as well. Priorities as in you all know about that. Limitation as I have previously mentioned in some of my posts is the fear of digging deep into your feelings. So one of the reasons for not giving this blog that much time is this. But at the same time I would also like to say is that writing has a very liberating feeling associated with it. A certain specific sense of relief and calmness.


Well, 3 years of the journey of Blog World ! A lot has changed. I started up as an opinionated teen aggressive on some political issues. Went through the self loathing and then self motivation phase.. and then the neutral phase.. where I am not THAT affected by too many things… going through all of these phases here on this blog. Feels great to have something that reminds me of my most significant transformations.


It’s been a pretty long time. Those who started their blogs near about the time I started, guys.. where are you all??

Those who have just connected with me on this network.. how’s life going on guys??


You know what, I really love reading life updates. So if any of you guys are up to writing a post about your current scene, please share the link.. 😊😊



Mohabbat Ke Maaron!

Mohabbat ki khatir jung ladne waalon

Ye jazba kahan se laate ho?

Apnon se bhi aur gairon se bhi

Bagaawat kar jaate ho!


Kahan se aati hai itni taaqat

Ki apne jazbaaton ki khaatir tum

Mar mitne ko ho tainaat ?

Itna aitbaar hai apne pyaar par?

Itna gumaan hai apne jazbaaton par?

Kya socha tumne kabhi apni chaahat ka kaaran?

Ya kood pade bas, sun ke dil ki dhadkan?

Machle man ki tum baat maan gaye?

Itni aasani se kisi ko dil de gaye?


Kya itna vishwaas hai khud par?

Ki duniya jahaan ko chhodkar

Wo tumpe marne lage..

Wo tumhe chahne lage?

Itna khaas samajhte ho khud ko

Ki poori zindagi wo sirf tumse pyaar kare?


Agar sach mein tum aise ho

To naaz hai mujhe tum par

Eershya bhi karti hoon tumse

Nafrat bhi karti hoon beshumaar…

Aise ho tum, to koi tumsa nahi

Aise ho tum, to badalna nahi !!!


Shut Down

I shut down myself from people

Saying , need to control myself

To become less expressive

And not bother anybody

To give time to myself

And not to worldly issues

To focus on things worthy

And not on friends or foes.


Realised now I stopped sharing

Things that once went to someone’s ears

They knew almost everything about me

And I made sure they knew

Realised now those ears are nowhere near

Those which not just heard events

But feelings and my heart’s vents

And the result is what now

Mouth has become a chatterbox

Speaking all the bllsht

And expecting people to listen

Speaking till they put their eyes away

Or doing a hmm hmm in irritation,

hoping I would stop soon

Their facial expressions

Giving a pang to this goon…


Why this sudden expressive nature?

Coz I have sent all those away

Who used to know my heart’s way

And heart has to speak

And needs someone to take its peak


But who is to blame but me !

I sent away my near and dear ones

Leaving just me, my thoughts and nobody !…




Saamne na sahi…
Khwaabon mein hai tumhari maujoodgi
Pal bana na sakoon saath tumhare
Par yaadon mein hai tumhari deewangi
Aur kuchh na sahi
Bas dil de baithe hain
Izhaar kar nahi sakte kabhi
Par naam roz liya karte hain…
Ab to aadat si hai humko aise jeene mein
Yaadon ke sahare kitni raatein humne bitayi hain
Zindagi ke lamho ki tarah
Wo haseen sapne bhi yaad hain
Jinme meherbaani se kabhi
tumne dastak di hai
Aakhir tumse judi har cheez
Hai humein behadd azeez

Tum bin itni veeraan hai zindagi
Ki sirf tumhara naam lena hi sukoon de deta hai..
Kya hai yeh, kyun hai yeh
Kya khabar, haan magar
Jo bhi hai
Bada achha lagta hai..
Saalon beetne par bhi
Mohabbat qayam rahe
To faqr hota hai.



Har pal… kahe kyun ye mujhse…
Ek aawaaz doon tumhe..
Ek khat.. likh doon tumhe..
Ek paigaam chhod jaaun tumhe…
Ek salaam ..keh doon tumhe..
Bas ek baar baat ho tumse…

Har pal… kahe kyun ye mujhse..
Pal nahi hain ab aur tumhare paas..
Jo bhi hain dil ke khaas
Khol do unhe apne dil ke haseen raaz..
Bas ek baar… bichhde yaar..
Jo ki hai anjaan
Bhej do use
Chaahat ka paigaam
Keh do use
Apne gehre jazbaat..
Reh na jaye ve ankahe
Alvida ka waqt na aa jaye, bina salaam kahe…

Bas ek baar…
Sharm-o-haya chhod ke
Imaan ko darkinar karke
Guroor ko andekha karke
Duniya ko bhool karke
Keh do unhe
Dil mein hai kya
Zindagi ka hissa bana lo unhe phir se..
zindagi ho na jaye zaaya.

Har pal.. kahe kyun ye mujhse
Himmat to dikhao
Ek baar keh ke to dekho
Shayad qismat ho saath tumhare
Shayad unke dil mein bhi
Ho tumhari yaadein
Shayad intezaar unhe bhi ho tumhara
Shayad kehne ko tumse,unka jee machala jaa raha..

Har pal.. dil ghabra jaye
Kya hoga agar wo jawaab na de paye..
Agar unhe hum yaad nahin..
Agar koi mayne na rakhe unhe humari maujoodgi.
Kya hoga agar hum unka waqt barbaad karein
Agar humse bhi zaroori ho unke naye naate
Agar bhool chuke ho hume sadiyon pehle..
Kya hoga agar aisa hua?
Kya iss taaze dard ko tum seh paoge?
Pehle hi zakhmon ko bharte hue..
Itna waqt hai beet chuka
Kya phir se malham lagane ka
Sabr rakh paoge..?
Itna waqt kya tum
phir se de paoge?

Kya hoga agar
Tumhari wapasi unhe taqleef de…
Agar tum purane dard ..yaad dila do unhe
Mushkil se bhoola ho unhone jinhe
Agar saath tumhara ho kamzor karta unhe
Agar gairmaujoodgi ne tumhari sayana bana diya unhe
Wapas jaakar sab tabah kar doge?
Mushkil se jo khatm kiya, yun hi phir shuru kar doge?

Itna aasan nahi aana aur chale jana
Chale jaana aur aana
Tamasha nahi ye pyaar
Par tamasha bana diya tumne
Khel nahi ye pyaar
Par khel bana diya tumne
Qismat ke bharose chhod diya
Phir bhi aas lagakar intezaar kiya..
Aur karte aa rahe ho
Aur karte rahoge
Intezaar jiska kar rahe ho
Wo shayad kabhi na aaye..
Phir bhi tum dheet ho..
Aas lagakar intezaar karoge
Baithe rahoge
Qismat par chhodoge..
Aas lagakar baithoge
Aur intezaar karoge…
Intezaar karoge
Zindagi barbaad karoge..
Aur intezaar karoge…

Har pal… kahega tumse
Intezaar ki ghadi khatm
Ab keh hi do unse..
Zindagi ko hain baaki din chaar
Ye din aayenge na baar baar
Keh do yahi hai mauka-e-izhaar
Bas ek khat
Likh do ek baar…

Har baar… dil darega kahega
Kya hoga agar hui ye aakhri baat
Kya hoga agar hui ye aakhri mulaqaat
Kya iss aakhri milan ko mukammal kar paoge?
Nahi kar paye to zindagi bhar rakhna malaal !