What do you Think?

“There is no great person like a good politician and no worst person than a bad politician.”

-Salman Khan


Real or Virtual?

Sure you had met the person

in real

& you still meet or rather see that person in real

But when you know that same person


It has an advantage and a disadvantage

The reason is those hours of chatting

you grow gradually to know that person

Coz that person shares with you

even the most crucial aspects of his/her life

At that time you are just you & that person

it is your quality time

But the worst thing in such cases

when all you converse is just over the Net

You don’t get to see the real person

How the person behaves in front of her/his friends?

How much fun you’d have made

if you had talked face-to-face?

The chat over internet tells you nothing about their mood

But just gives you momentary happiness

However, the real chat is always out of the world phenomenon,

if you starve for it!

Those moments of laughter

will stay with you lifelong as precious memories

The chat, however, would also stay,

but as the biggest confusion of your life!

As the heartthrob of the TV industry

had once said in one of his episodes

“Sometimes trying to clear confusions

can create more confusions.”

So does happen in social media

In a few days you develop a confusion you want to clear

So you start the chat

Not knowing the real mood,

nor the real behaviour,

nor the real expression

of the person;

you initiate more confusions

You start doubting whether

the person you know is real or virtual?

Chat messages are not instantaneous always

They are made up sentences

and not raw

Before trusting them blindly,

remember that even this article was cleverly manufactured to post in this blog and convey you my feelings.!


Happy Independence Day!

The day comes again , to remind us of our great heroes, to give us goosebumps, to make our eyes filled with tears in happiness and pride ……..

Yes, it is our Independence Day today. India’s Independence Day – the 15th of August.

I wish all my Fellow Proud Indians a very very Happy Independence Day. I hope each one of you will have at least one resolution to fulfill and that resolution should be to work for the change you want to see in the country.

As, the Father of our Nation- Mahatma Gandhi Ji had said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

I feel that people should inculcate patriotism in young people from their childhood itself. I feel, every person has patriotism hidden in their hearts. The need is only one- to strive to bring out that hidden feelings in every citizen and bring those moral values back which appear to be lost these days- but are not, they are still there.

The need is to acknowledge those who feel proud to be the citizens of that country and those who work for the pride of their country. The need is to engrave in the hearts of people that the nation needs them and that they can do a lot, lot and a lot more than they think they can. The need is that every person contributes the best way they can towards humanity and peace-building.

I personally feel every time I sing the National Anthem that I have loads to pay off and to do for my nation. So, I have to live more. Whenever I have feelings that my life is over or I must die, I recall in my mind that out of all the aims of my life, there is one most important aim- that is to serve the nation. It would be weird for you all to know that I feel that in my past life I was one of them who struggled against the British for Independence. I feel my soul ‘s birth was before Independence and I had seen those days of agony. I feel I was a person one like the brave Queen of Jhansi- Rani Lakshmi Bai.

Well, that was a brief insight to me.

Also, I would like to give my heartiest wishes to our dear neighbour Pakistan- once a part of us- on their Independence Day Yesterday- 14th August. I wish them and hope that they achieve more and more success, they prosper and bring peace and eradicate poverty and terrorism- their biggest challenges.

So, here I present before you all my first ever writing that I published on the Internet’s Platform. This post is from my previous blog- The Changing Generation.


The biggest and the most important thing that young India needs more than it wants it is “protection”. Yes, protection. It may surprise you. You must have thought education, moral values, health and all those sort of things which I consider secondary needs for Young Indians in today’s world as the wants of young India. Protection against evil thoughts, against crime, against vulgarity, against extreme criticism and many more protective coats for 21st century life are the needs of youngsters. Adult citizens may have a different point of view, but being in the age considered the most important and dangerous stage of life, I consider protection as the most important thing for young India. Let me explain you all the examples of protection mentioned by me.

Protection against “evil” thoughts; we all know that this era is considered as the “kalyuga” in Hindu mythology. Yes, this is the truth; family is no more like a family. A teenager has a lot to learn from elders of the family.  Family is the only one which decides whether the child is a good citizen or a bad. Today’s teens become inclined towards the dark side because of the rude way of talking in their family, neighborhood and among friends common in today’s world, their parents behavior towards their grandparents and the most important their family’s point of view over certain issues. Parents must make sure that their children learn from the positive experiences of their life and also that their children are their best friends. Parents should show their ideal side of personality to their children. Parents must protect their children from any unmoral discussions, rude talks. Most of us have seen parents using abusive language in front of children or domestic violence openly or disrespectful attitude of parents encouraging their children to do so. Let us try to change this scenario.

Another protection needed for young India is against crime. It can be of two types-

  • Against being self-involved
  • Against being crime-affected.

Both the protections are equally important. Currently we are aware of the youngsters being involved in crimes. To protect the teens from this, it is necessary for the parents to be their best friends. Parents must try to be as much frank as they can be to their children even in the most serious issues. There must not be any need for teens to hide anything from their parents. Parents must discuss the worldwide issues with their children and tell the positive and negative aspects of life.  India is not much safe for adolescents. They are highly prone to physical or mental tortures. It is obvious that no parent wants its child to suffer from any of the tortures. Just wanting is not the solution. Parents must give proper time on thin king how to keep their children secured.

Protection against vulgarity? Yes. Most of us think it as a way of entertaining ourselves. And the person reading this may think I am too young to write about this. But children or I may say teens of my age think that they are matured enough to know about this. And the person promoting this vulgarity may think, “It is too common nowadays and no one will mind if I do so. The world is so modern and advanced”. But no one thinks that it can be the root cause of various negative results of modern life or how it can damage youngster’s minds. Television is the biggest source of its promotion. Even ads can’t be seen sitting with family. Moreover, songs are also present in this category. There are fewer songs with clean lyrics that can be sung publicly. Before going deeply into the cases of crimes and criminals and its causes, there must be a limit to vulgarity to protect young India.

Now last but not the least, protection against criticism. We say that we are too modern, too latest, too advanced. But where does this modern attitude vanishes when we say or rather criticize a person for his or her dull complexion? Where does this modern attitude travel when we taunt a mother for giving birth to a girl child? Where does this modernity go when we criticize a student on the choice of his subject and pressurize him or her on becoming a science or math genius? Where does our smart mind hide when we mentally torture a student to compete and win the 1st position not even thinking about his or her state of mind? Are we aware that such extreme criticism hollows the mind of the criticized person? You may think that protection against criticism is not what young India wants. Now, I criticize your opinion. Yes, yes and yes. Protection against criticism is must. We are not unaware of the suicidal cases coming in hundreds every year due to tough competition in today’s world. Let’s not waste our hidden talent. If everyone will be a doctor or an engineer, then who will help us in our money matters? Who will preserve our civilization?

It is the duty of every parent to give a little freedom to its children that can make his or her life best. Parents should make sure that their children do not cry for their weaknesses rather feel proud for their strength.

Protection is the only thing that will make every young Indian a sound-minded and physically and mentally fit. If they are fit, smart and positive, surely the country and then the universe will progress and reach the heights of success to its tip. Protect young India, protect the future.

-Sheetal Pahadi


Consumed by words

I am not the girl who will make you want to fight the world for me.

I am not the one whom after talking to you’ll get bathe in euphony.

I wont pamper you by making cold coffe at 3 a.m. in night.

I am not the woman you’ll go head over heels in first sight.

I am the one who will rattle your each preconceived notion,

Who will constantly push your further in life to glisten.

I am not the beautiful fragile mess the writers glorify,

But a woman with fierce determination to reach the sky .

I am not the midnight coffe but a morning brew,

a alluring shady belle which you wished you knew.

And baby Im not the pleasant winter nights,

but perpetual sunshine seeping into your insides

And I vow to be always by your side,

to make your life

paradisiacal like the heavens above.


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