Dancing Dolls – Episode #7

The clock strikes 4 and just then Alifa reaches the studio. Neil was busy sorting the CDs and was playing one of them, analyzing the music. When he realized that Alifa has entered, he waved her.

“Hey! Come fast here. My head is just spinning like hell”, said Neil.

“What happened?” She puts down her bag and sits with him on the floor.

“I have listened to so many songs, but I’m not able to decide.”

“The more options we have, the more difficult it is to choose. Just a minute.”

She tears out a paper and hands it along with a pen to Neil.

“Here, take this. Let’s list out all the songs we know that match our theme, one which could be used in a Paso Doblè act”, said Alifa.

“Hmm….. You have a great mind, huh???” Lifts an eyebrow. “Cool, we’ll do like this.”


Neil stands up , goes towards the big mirror wall- one in which you could not only see your complete self, but the whole group dance together, the one which every dancer dreams to practice in front of. Their classroom was very big. The entrance door is at one corner of the rectangular room.

As you enter the room, you face the wall which is widest, covered full by the mirrors. Towards the right and left there are big windows, the ones of the Victorian era, with a rectangular frame and a rounded window top- like an arch, and their hung nice light blue floral curtains. The left and the back walls also have ‘ballet barres’. These are rods attached to the walls at a height from the ground, holding which you can do various exercises which require balancing skills or can even be used to help in stretching up- most commonly used by ballet students.


Neil sat down on the floor with his back rested on the mirror wall.

“Alifa, come here with me, I wanna relax”, said Neil.

“Haha, okay!”

Alifa also joins him. Alifa presses her palms on the floor and slides herself down so that she can rest leisurely on the mirror wall.


“The first song that I can think of is- umm – Man Basiyo Saanwariyo”, said Alifa.

“But that song would be – umm – a girl trying to grab the attention of a boy. But in our act, it would be I trying to control you coz you are the ‘BULLLLLL’ and I am the matador.” He gives a smirk towards the left side of his face.

“I am the bull???….. Am I???”

“Haha….. Hey! I mean, you’ll be…. in our dance…. Right???”

“Okay” (smiles) “Yeah, so we can’t take this. Cut it.”


“Come on dumbo! That’s for TAP and also it’s a fun song, can’t be used in a passionate and intense form.”

Lifts a brow. “Dumbo??? Revenge, huh?”

She circled the inside of our cheek with her tongue playfully and turned her face to the other side smiling. “Tu hi tu satrangi re?”

“Hmm… Not bad… It’s nice. Hey! I have something better. That song you remember?… What was it?…Umm…haan…Rama tu kya kiya… Something like that.”

“Hehehe… You can’t even remember a song… That song was –“

Alifa starts singing-

“Haye Rama yeh kya hua

Kyun aise hume satane lage…”


Neil also sings-

“Tum kitna achha gaati ho

Yeh aaj hume pata chale…”


Alifa realizes that she was swayed away by her inner hobby of singing. She was actually singing! So, quite embarrassed, she looked towards Neil and blushed. And quickly turned her face down looking at the floor.


Neil says, “I never knew you were such a nice singer…(smiles) Okay, this is it. We are going for this song.”


“Yeah, it’s a powerful song to dance upon. Its beats make my feet tap involuntarily. A passionate routine can be choreographed on that…”

“Yeah, definitely.”


They both gave a high-five to each other and started laughing.


Neil and Alifa were startled by the sound. Alifa’s heart started beating fast but just for a few seconds. 5-6 juniors from the Intermediate Batch slammed the door open and entered the room fighting with each other at the top of their voices.

“Hey, you were doing wrong…..”

“No, you…”

“Neil bhaiya, Alifa di, can you please help us?”, requested a medium-heighted girl. “Samsons are out for an important work. We have some co-ordination issues, so we need somebody to check on us”, intervened the other guy who had been shouting the most a few seconds before. “Can you please just see where we aren’t in sync and correct our mistakes??”, said a girl with a puppy face.

Neil and Alifa looked at each other and smiled at the innocent seriousness of their Juniors and said together, “Yeah, why not? Let’s go…”



While coming out from the Intermediate Batch Studio…

Neil- Oh God! Our juniors are so annoying.

Alifa- Took the hell out of me. Hear my voice… my vocal cords have got ruptured; I needed to shout so much to calm them down… (She sees her watch) Oh My God! It’s 6:30. I need to get back home.

Neil- But we didn’t even start our practice yet.

Alifa- Yeah, I know… But I can’t stay back. My mom is a bit ill today and no one else is at home. So, I need to be with her.

Neil- Even if you stay, it’s no good, coz we have no idea what we are going to do.

Alifa- Yeah, exactly. Tomorrow, when Samsons will be back, we’ll discuss with them about our routine.

Neil- Yes we would surely do. But before that we need to do our homework first.

Alifa- ??? (She gave him a puzzled look.)

Neil- We need to see some videos first, to get ideas. Umm… You told you have some DVDs… Why don’t we have a look at them at your home?

Alifa- Yeah, we can but…

Neil- No ‘but’s.   See, you’ll be with your mom and we’ll get our work also done.

Alifa- Okay, then. Let me call my mum first…

Neil- No, don’t tell her. If she knows that a friend of yours is coming there for the first time, she’ll start preparing something for me… Afterall… Indian moms you know. She needs to rest. Don’t tell.

Alifa- Okay.(She blushes hidingly and says to herself, “Aww! He’s so considerate.)


They reach Alifa’s home at about 6:45 pm. Her mom opened the door.

Alifa-  Mom, he is Neil. I am performing with him in the Qualifiers.

Mom- Oh!

Neil- (Joins his hands) Namastey Aunty! How are you feeling now? Alifa told me you aren’t doing well today.

Mom- Oh Thanks, beta! I am fine now. I was sleeping the whole day as I had the house all to myself with no one disturbing me. Haha.

Neil- Yeah, you look fine. Great!

Mom- Come in, beta.


All enter the house.


Mom- What would you like to have, Neil? Something hot or cold?

Neil- Nothing Aunty, don’t worry. If I want something, your daughter is there no? You just rest. By the way, I am here for a work. You get well soon, then I will surely come for a ‘daawat’- prepared by you. Now, fine?

Mom- Yeah, okay. Haha!


Alifa’s mom heads towards her room. Alifa too follows her.

Alifa- Mom, he has come here to watch those Annual Function DVDs. Don’t worry, he’ll leave early. And he is just a classmate and my dance-partner, nothing more than that.

Mom- (slapped her lightly) Dumb girl! Did I ask you for explanation? Neil is such a nice boy and girl you don’t need to give so much explanation, unless I ask you to, of course! Go, get something to eat and drink.

Alifa- (Smiles and hugs her mom) You are the best, mummy!


Yes, Alifa was quite considerate towards everyone. Even though she had parents with quite modern thinking, she always tried to see situations from their point of view and took each step according to that. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, even unintentionally. She always thought many times – both about the ‘pro’s and ‘con’s- before doing anything.


However, her parents were just opposite. They trusted her and always let her do whatever she wanted to.


Alifa brings two cups of hot coffee. Neil is sitting on the sofa in front of TV, sorting out the DVDs that Alifa gave him. Alifa hands him the coffee and sits down on the sofa too. Both sip coffee and see the dance routines and discuss. Alifa was really tired so she dozed off to sleep on Neil’s shoulders.

Neil turned to face her, to get her upright and rest on the sofa. But he couldn’t. Something struck his soul and heart and his heart went fast. What it was, even he didn’t know- it could have been Alifa’s face – average looking like any other girl but with beautiful eyes or it might have been her cute face with a peaceful smile while sleeping or it could have been her entire personality.

What struck Neil for a moment, made him think not to disturb her peaceful nap. He didn’t want t disturb her. So, he let her rest on his shoulders while he watched different dance videos.


It became quite late watching those videos, as the clock struck at 9:30. Neil realized that it was too late. He thought that Alifa’s mom was sick, so it wouldn’t be good if she has to prepare the dinner. He didn’t want Alifa’s sleep to break off either. And he didn’t know how to cook. His heart said to him, what is it, that has made him so much caring, especially for Alifa whom he barely knows. But he shooed away these thoughts and decided to continue with his former thoughts. He decided to order the dinner from a restaurant.

He waited for 20 minutes when the door bell rang. He turned to put Alifa away from him. He was about to grab her shoulders, just then Alifa herself woke up due to the continuous ringing of the bell. She realized, she was resting on his shoulders. She looked at him to analyse his reaction. She caught his gaze. Both looked into each other’s eyes. Alifa’s rose-petal eyes met Neil’s almond-shaped, slightly round, pearl-like eyes, so white and shining, with a black dark pupil. It was only after a few seconds that they realized that and Alifa turned away from him, quite embarrassed. Neil also didn’t know how to react.


He rose up from the sofa, went to the door, opened it, took the bag with dinner in it and handed it to Alifa, told her why he did so, and left.


Alifa was quite amazed seeing all that was going on in front of her eyes. Alifa’s hidden inner analyst wouldn’t let her sleep tonight.


Alifa was tired that night, but since she had taken a short nap, she thought she is fine now. So she decided to study for at least an hour. She took out her Political Science book. Yes, she was an Arts student and so was Neil. But it was not even 10 minutes since she had opened her book that she started feeling restless.



It was weird and surprising, how caringly he acted today. I was resting my head on his shoulders and he didn’t even wake me up. I woke up when the doorbell rang. It was shocking for me to realise that we were so close to each other. I was confused what was happening to me. I looked into his eyes. I could see the same confusion in his eyes. First time in my life I saw him like this. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that we would be so close. My heart started pounding fast. But my eyes were stuck on his and his on mine. I could feel some connection between us. But what was it?


No, nothing is there between us more than friendship and dance partnership. I like him quite a bit and that’s why I am thinking all this. I always over-analyse things.

But why did he care for me so much? Oh God! Ahh, don’t I know that he is a very friendly person and can do anything for his friends. It was just a small friendly act – that dinner and all – of course it’s a bit uncomfortable to me since I am not used to such caring behavior even from my male friends. When they do it, even then sometimes I feel uncomfortable, coz I’m an introvert. It is nothing more than that. Ahh! My head is aching. I should go to sleep else my head will burst.



(While lying on his bed)

What happened to me today? I have done these kind of things to so many friends before, including girls, but why does it feel different so different today? Ah, No! It is nothing. It is just because she’s still a not a close friend of me. She’s just my dance partner and my classmate and still I did this for her, that’s why I feel awkward.

When I saw her resting on my shoulders, it seemed she was very peacefully sleeping and it felt like she belonged there and she owned that place. When we caught gaze of each other, I felt her eyes so captivating that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. But I was confused. I didn’t know what was happening to me.

It’s all normal, nothing special. It happens sometimes. I am tired now.

(And he slept.)











Dancing Dolls- Episode 6



Neil was trying to talk to Alifa, but she constantly kept on ignoring him. He texted her, asking her to meet him the next day at 7:30 a.m in the studio. He wanted to talk to her about something really important.





The next day was a Sunday, so there was no school and the NRS was filled with the dance students from the morning itself. Neil was waiting for Alifa since 7:10 am. He was worried and was walking continuously from one end of the room to the other, completely lost in the confusions of his mind. His mind was wondering whether Alifa would come or not. But his heart said that she would surely come, because she was very considerate towards others. His heart was right! How could Alifa not come to the person whose happiness mattered to her the most.


Yes, she came at about 7:40.


On seeing her, Neil was so relieved and ran up to her and gave her a tight hug. Alifa did not reciprocate coz if she had done, she would have fell down for him again.


Neil-   I am so glad you are here. I was so worried whether you would come or not.

Alifa- Say, why did you call me this early and so urgently?


Neil- Just a sec…. (He brings two sitting cubes near Alifa.) Please sit down first. (They both sit.) ……. First tell me, are you upset with anything that I have ever said to you?

Alifa- No, not at all.

Neil- Then why were you ignoring me? I tried to talk to you so many times but every time you walked away.

(Alifa’s whole body became still for a moment. She wasn’t able to decide what to speak.)

Alifa- No, you are thinking…..

Neil- (interrupting)….. See, I know you are upset and angry. And I even know why you are angry. So, there’s no good in hiding anything.


You are upset with me because I refused to dance with you, right?

(Alifa did not say anything. She tries to avoid his gaze biting her lip with her eyes wandering here and there. She wasn’t able to say anything.)

Neil- Your silence tells that I am right.

See, Alifa……

(Neil keeps both his hands on her shoulders and turned her towards him.)

Listen, I am sorry for what I have done……… I kept both of our careers as well as the reputation of NRS on stake, just for my selfish reasons….. I am really sorry.

(Tears rolled down from his eyes as he said those words.)

I should have thought about it before, but you know na how stupid I am…


(Seeing Neil for the 1st time in this avatar, Alifa also started crying with him, for she was the most sensitive girl one could ever meet with.)

Alifa- Hey…….. Shhh…..

Don’t be sorry yaar. Everybody makes mistakes. If you genuinely regret it and apologise from your heart, it’s fine.

Neil- Did you forgive me?

Alifa- I was never angry with you….. (in her mind- “How can I be? I was just handling my awkward self! Sorry for this rude behavior.”)

Neil- Oh God! Thanks…..

Thank you, Alifa. You don’t know how much better you made me feel.

Alifa- Was it just this thing for which you called me so urgently???

(She gave a puzzled look with her eyebrows lifted up.)

Neil- No!

Alifa, I have been practicing with Jazz for about 3 days now, but…….I…….I…….I shouldn’t say this, but…..there’s something missing between us. I mean…….we don’t get the steps perfectly like they should be. I am not saying she’s a bad dancer, but you know na, her forte is traditional/folk/Indian type and we are doing Paso Doble. I do like her a lot, but I’m sure that is not at all helping us in the chemistry which is needed for this routine.

Alifa- Hmm…. So now, what do you think you’ll do???

Neil- (Holds her hands)

Will you please please please dance with me? I have always admired you for your dance. You are so flawless. You are a ballerina. No one else can do this international form better than you…. Alifa, will you please be with me this time?

Alifa- (Thinking……)

(Oh God! He says there is something missing between him and Jazz…. And he is asking me to dance with him! Does he think that we both can have a better chemistry than him and Jazz?? He is saying I am flawless in dance….Oh God! Why this???- when I’m trying to walk away from him. I know he can never like me, then why?…… Umm, I think it’s not necessary for me that even he feels the same for me. But it would have been better. But still, what’s wrong to dance with him??? After all, I’ve always wanted to!!!)

Neil- What happened? Where are you lost?? What do you say? Whether you will………?

Alifa- Yes!

Neil- Thank you so much Alifa.

(Takes out something from his pocket)

Here, take this- a ‘Thank You’ gift from me.

(He hands her a chocolate bar.)

Alifa- But what about Jazz? Have you talked to her about this?

Neil- No, but I’ll handle it with her. She won’t disagree with me. She will take up the ‘Female Duet’ again.

Alifa- Okay then, great!

When are we starting our practice?

Neil- Tomorrow– Monday.

With a new week, with a new partner, we will start a new routine. Everything new & fresh! (winks at Alifa)


(Alifa in turn gave him a big smile. Her eyes sparkling like stars!)



Next Day


Alifa was up awake by 5:00 am. She sipped her coffee which her mom had brought to her, as soon as she woke up. Alifa had the most loving family which consisted of her house-oriented mother, her father with so-modern outlook and her sweet, straight and simple but quite athletically built strong, muscular, elder brother – who was 3 years older to her. Her mom and dad looked so beautiful together. Alifa had savoured one of their young-age photos in which they stood together and looked really like “Bollywood Hero & Heroine”. Her mom looked really young and no one could guess her age. Her father, although had an athletic body, but his face was withered from the many years’ continuous hard-core work. She also had a granny- who also looked very young with an awesome glow in her face- might have been very beautiful when she was young.


So, this was her family- a middle-class typical Indian family.


After having coffee, Alifa went straight to her terrace, spread out her Yoga Mat in the light of the early sun and started on her daily Yoga Routine.


She was a perfectionist and was very active in everything. What was called ‘being lazy’- she didn’t know, coz she had never ever experienced that.


After 45 minutes of Yoga and 15 minutes of Aerobics, she went down to take a bath and get ready for school…..She reached the school at 7:15 am. The school used to begin at 7:30.





The bell rang for recess.


A few girls- Neil’s best friends, surrounded him for their usual chat. Alifa opened up her Tiffin Box which had vegetable sandwich, sprouts and some dry fruits. She was a true dancer—she had not only practiced her postures and steps so well, but had also practiced a perfect balanced diet for years. She was ‘almost’ perfect in her field. Amaya- Alifa’s best friend, was sitting next to her.


Neil excused his friends and rushed to Alifa. He sat in front of Alifa’s bench and faced towards her and said-


“I have selected a few songs…. We both will decide which one is to be chosen amongst them….”

“Yeah, it’s fine!”

Neil sees her tiffin.

“Oh! Can I have one?”

“Yeah, why not? Take!”

Alifa and Amaya were quite amazed and shared a 2-second glance with each other. Neil had never been so friendly with her.


“Thanks Alifa! You always bring healthy stuff, I guess! You know na, I ‘m so lazy. I can’t manage my own breakfast. Yeah, my mom does, but she makes the tiffin according to my younger brother’s likes and dislikes! She has no time to make two separate dishes! So, the whole family has to bear with my bro’s choices! Ah, poor me! My mum is a working lady, so she is very busy always and I can’t argue with her on that…..especially for such ‘food’ issues! Hahah….”


“Hey! Yaar, it’s fine! Come on! Here, take this also. I have already had a really heavy breakfast today before leaving home.”


“No..no…no… You eat! Listen! I have also downloaded a few videos and they are awesome. Today in the evening, first we’ll see them and then we’ll start our practice.”


“Sure. Listen. I have the Annual Function DVD of my previous school at Agra. Once, some of them performed Paso Doble. I will bring the DVD of that.”


“That would be great! So done! Today, 4:00 pm sharp! Okay???”


“Yeah, done!”


Neil snags away some sprouts from Alifa’s lunchbox and goes to his place-

“Thanks for this!”

Alifa and Amaya  laugh…

Dancing Dolls – Episode 5


Samar and Sonya, the owners of the NRS and their teacher, enter the Advanced Batch Studio room and inform about the Qualifier Round and the performances to be done. Just then, Jasleen , a former student of the NRS enters the room. Neil gets excited on seeing her.




Sonya- Oh, yay, she is here. Guys, welcome Jasleen, ah sorry, I mean Jazzlin and her friends. Her friends will be assisting us in organizing everything.


All- Yay! Hi Jazzlin! Welcome!

(All clap for her.)


Alifa- (Whispering into Neil’s ears)

You were saying that you are happy that she’s here. Why’s that?


(Sonya started speaking again and Alifa & Neil listen to her.)


Sonya- The third performance would be a Male Duet. We have our buddies- Shlok and Rehaan going for that.


(Shlok and Rehaan stand up and wave hands to the rest of them.)

(All hoot for them.)


Samar- The last performance but one of the most important is the Couple Performance. The Male-Female Duet.


Couple performance opens up a wide variety of possibilities to experiment upon. It has no restrictions. We can choose any theme in a couple performance. The rest kinds have some limitations. A good couple dance needs just two honest and passionate dancers with good understanding and chemistry between them. They don’t require exceptional choreography, coz if they are honest with themselves, their passion and with each other, they can beautify even the simplest steps. If they know each other well, and are good dancers, they have least issues.  While group dancers have co-ordination issues, this type can in fact, be the best in that.


Couple dances offer masculine physical strength for lifts and abilities to control everything as well as feminine grace and expressions and flexibility.


In all, it is the most special and important kind. So, for this we have two very special people, the hearts of the NRS – Neil and Alifa.


Cheers for them.


All- Yay!!!


Samar- Most of you had already guessed about this one , right?


All- Yeah, Samson!!!


Alifa- (to Neil) God! I am really excited.


Sonya- Any suggestions for the dance performances are welcomed. Tell us if you are good with your partners.


Neil- (to Alifa) Hey Alifa! I need to tell you something.

I really like Jazzlin. I really do. I have had a crush on her since the first day she entered the NRS. And I always wanted to dance with her, but never could.

Alifa, listen, I’m really sorry, but I hope you understand. Can you please help me perform this duet with her, if you don’t mind?


(Alifa had tears in her eyes but she wiped them before Neil could see them.)


Neil- Look, I am really sorry, but please, now you know na, how much I like her. This is the chance and the only way to get to her.


Alifa- (sighing) Yeah, okay. But how do we do that?


Neil- Listen, I’m going to talk to Sonya about it. You just accompany me, and agree with me and say that you are very very comfortable with & are in good friendship with the other girl Siyaali in the folk, who is to perform with Jazzlin.


Alifa- Hmm… Okay. As your wish Neil.


Neil- (hugs Alifa)

Aww, Alifa, thank you so much. You are such a darling.





He realizes that he hugged her, even though they were not so good friends . He immediately loosened his arms around her and gave a big smile to her. Alifa replied with a fake smile, tapped him on his shoulders and said, “Go, I am coming.”


Again tears started filling up in her eyes, but this time she let them fall. She was really sad, all her dreams were shattered. She had been so excited for this day. But she had no other option, except his happiness, of course!



Next day while practice, she saw both Neil and Jasleen, practicing together. They were good but she thought that Neil and she herself would have been much more better. She cried a bit, then convinced herself that now she can’t do anything about it. So, better she should focus on her performance. She started ignoring thoughts of Neil, as everytime she thought of him, it made her feel really sad and hopeless.


Three days later, Neil approached her and said that he wanted to talk something really important. Alifa ignored him and said that she had an important work. She then left for home. She now knew that she can never gain his love. So, it is better to stay away from him to control her feelings and focus on her career.


When at home, she cried a lot and recalled her moments with him. But then, she reminded herself about Neil’s attraction towards Jasleen and tried to stop his thoughts from coming to her mind. She slept with her face wet with tears.


Next morning, with a bit positive attitude, she left for school.


Yes, Neil and Alifa had been studying in the same school for past 6 years. This was their last year in the school. They were in 12th and in a few months their school life would end.

They were studying together since they were in class 7th. Alifa had shifted in to this city Bengaluru, from Agra. She then joined her current school St. Louis High School the same year and also joined the NRS Studio the next year- when she was in class 8th.Neil had joined NRS 1 year before Alifa.


Alifa had started liking Neil the day she saw him perform in the school stage, on Teacher’s Day. Everybody knew Neil to be a great dance performer and a good student.


But Neil never took notice of Alifa, neither as a classmate nor as a dancer because in the NRS, they were in separate batches. It was only the last year in class 11th that Alifa reached the Advanced Batch, where Neil had already reached an year before her. It was then that Neil started admiring her for her excellent dance.


She reached the school and entered the class. Neil was already there and was waiting for Alifa to come. Neil and Alifa had started to be normal friends since the start of class 12th. He tried to talk to her but could not, since she ignored him again. Neil talked to one of her friends Amaya and took her number.


After school, when Neil reached home, he texted Alifa.


“Plz plz Alifa, plz reach d studio early 2mrw by 7:30 am. I hv smthng really imp 2 talk abt.”


Neil now doubted that Alifa was upset with him because he had refused to perform the duet- the most important and highlighting performance with her. He wished everything to be alright and slept with a hope of a better morning tomorrow.

Dancing Dolls- Episode 4


After a few minutes, Samar and Sonya arrived at the Advanced Batch Studio where Neil and Alifa were already waiting for them. A group of other students followed the ‘Sam-sons’. Neil and Alifa , excitedly, stood up as soon as they reached there. Samar and Sonya took to the centre of the room and they asked all the students to sit down on the floor.

Sonya started.

“As you all know, 2-3 weeks later we are going to perform in our life’s biggest ever test. The Qualifier Round for the ‘International Dancers’ Quest’. I think this round is a lot more important and difficult than the actual competition there at Las Vegas. Coz, there more than just winning the competition, learning, experiencing and exploring dance would be our aim. But here, from now on till 3 weeks, our only aim is to win. We have no other option but to win. Winning would take us to every dancer’s dream land- The International Dancers’ Quest land. Losing would shatter all our dreams. You have no right to dream of the Quest, if you can’t make yourself capable enough to snatch away the Winner’s Trophy of the Qualifier’s Round.

We don’t know whether they’ll take the runner ups of this round to Vegas or not. We don’t know how many of the troupes like us would be going there, yet. Only on the Qualifiers day would we be able to know about the criteria of selection. We are in no position to take any risk.”


“Thus, we have only one thing left to do- to do the best, to be the best! Only that would take us there. And I know all of my students, nahh, my Dance Legends of the so reputed NRS Studio, the Nritya Shakti Studio, have that potential to touch the sky. Do you have?”

All              Yes!

Sam&Son– Do our Dance Legends of N—-R—-S have that potential?

All             Yes SamSon! We have it.

Sonya- So let’s buck up. And we are good to go for the Vegas.

Samar       Are we ready?

Okay, so let me make everything clear to you all. Let me tell you what all we have planned for the Qualifier.

We’ll have to go for four performances in total. First, is definitely a group performance. So, the best students of the Beginner and Intermediate Batch and all the Advanced Batch Students will be in it.

The ones from Beginner and Intermediate are already here with us- we have already selected them.

Sonya–        Second performance would be Female Duet and we are going for ‘Folk’. There’s a special information for y’all.

You might remember Jasleen, who was there with us in the Beginner’s Batch and you all know that she is extremely good in Folk/Indian styles.

Well, last week, she enrolled with us again but was not coming coz she was out to attend a wedding. She’s here in the town back and she would be joining us today.

Just then three girls enter in the room.


Neil (to Alifa) – OMG! Jazzlin!

Alifa– Who? (With a puzzled look)

Neil– I mean Jasleen. Everybody calls her Jazzlin, she’s so popular. OMG, she’s coming here?

Oh, my happiness has no limits Alifa!

Alifa– Why? What……….?

Sonya– (interrupting)(to Neil and Alifa) Silence please both of you!

Dancing Dolls- Episode 3


She reached the NRS studio at about 7:35 am. She entered her classroom ‘Advanced Batch Studio’ and was busy day-dreaming. A voice, familiar, said “Hey Alifa! Come Fast! Here.”


Alifa:        Hi! You came so early today?

Neil:          Yeah! You know na, how much important this is for me?

Alifa:        Yeah, I….

Neil:          (interrupting) By the way, you look different today. What’s so special, huh?

Alifa:        (Hiding away her blush) No, nothing.

Neil:          Whatever it is, you look good. (smiles at her)

Alifa:        (shocked a bit) (after a pause) (smiled back)

Thanks, I am……..

Neil:          (Again interrupting) By the way, are you ready? It’s ballroom, so it’s gonna be a bit tricky.

Alifa:        Yeah, I know, but I am ready.

Neil:          Yeah, you are a Ballerina, beautiful! It would be a bit more easy for you.

After all,

Tu club ki Shakira, hum galli ke Michael

Main desi kya jaanu, international rhythm……

Alifa:        Ahh! Hahaha……..

Neil:          Hahaha…..

But still, I think you should be careful about your feet positions coz Ballet has restricted feet. But in ballroom, you have to………

Alifa:        (Interrupting) Yeah! Yeah! I got it Neil.

Relax. Just chill.

I know how important this is for you. It is important for me too. Trust me, we are gonna make it happen, ferociously, deadly and stage-breakingly.

Neil:          Ummm, yeah! I know you will! You are extremely good. I am the one who needs practice.

(Taps his head at back and clutches his hair.)

Alifa:        (Smilingly) Yeah, you really need to.

Hey! It’s 7:55.. ‘Sam-son’s might just be reaching here any moment. Let’s get the room arranged and start the music system.

Neil and Alifa started putting off the curtains, dusting the sitting cubes a bit and throwing the props from the floor to sideways.

They started the music system as well.

They were completely ready for today’s class. They didn’t want to waste a single minute today. It was their life.

They were waiting for the so-called ‘Samsons’ – Samar and Sonya, to reach the classroom.

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Dancing Dolls – Episode 2

Dancing Dolls – Episode #2

At about 7:35 am, 25 minutes before the class timing, she reached the class – her love, life and career – the ‘NRitya Shakti Studio’ [NRS Studio- Nritya Shakti means ‘the power of dance’] – a renowned, reputed dance class run b y the young couple – Samar and Sonya – the true dancing inspiration for the youth like them.

She looked up – observed carefully every letter printed on the big Name Plate at the top of the high building of the NRS Studio. While looking at that name NRS, she felt proud to be of this institute, but more than that, she was ‘thankful to this institute’ for giving her the love of her life – both ‘him’ and her dance.

She let out a deep breath. She closed her eyes and prayed to God to keep everything proper today.

She slowly started walking up the stairs of the institute and entered it. She passed through the Reception Counter, waving hands to everyone she saw and gifting smiles to everybody. She was really excited, but nervous too. “What is something goes wrong? No, no, nothing wrong will happen.” She convinced herself to stop these negative thoughts.

At the end of the reception hall, she turned to the corridor towards the left and walked till the last. There came the room – the ‘Advanced Batch Studio’ – her class. She pushed open the door slowly with her heart upbeat. Everything seemed still, except the soft breeze blowing her hair, her heart pounding fast and her eyes searching for him. She was feeling like a princess.

She then realized, he would definitely not be here this particular moment because she had come very early.

But suddenly, her heartbeat went fast again. Faster and faster, accelerating like anything.

“Hey Alifa! Come fast! Here!”, said the most beautiful and lovable voice, ubiquitous in all her body, mind and soul, predominant in every dream of hers.

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Dancing Dolls – Episode 1

Hello everyone! I am on an experiment now. So, I start with the very 1st episode of the story (The Experiment) written by me. Well, let’s not call it a chapter, I want it to be an episode- like the one you see in serials, films – the one you imagine, co-relate and visualise. Most importantly because, I have written it as if I was writing a film script. Because I have very Utopian visions and am a fantasy-lover. If it works out and you people like it, I would go on with the story episodically. So make sure to comment and tell me your views and yes, of course, constructive criticisms are really needed now ( for me at least).

Dancing Dolls – Episode #1

Today was going to be the best day of her life- the day she had always wished for. She was so excited that although she had set the alarm, she herself woke up just a minute before the alarm rang, sharp at 5:00 am. Slowly opening the shutters of her eyes, she smiled to herself and thought about the day- gifted by God himself to her, after her loads of wishes and requests to him for the fulfillment of her ardent desire. She was a pure, honest soul and had a beautiful mind, so God definitely had to give her this day. She was going to have the taste of the true happiness of her life.

Realising that she had already wasted her 10 minutes on visualising her dream, which was not going to be her dream anymore, but the reality itself, she immediately jumped out of her bed. She did not want any single mess this morning. The thought of the day constantly made her smile as she was really very excited.

She then went inside the bathroom to freshen up. While brushing, she was playing the music in her mind and also shaking and waving her body rhythmically, trying to fit in the most beautiful steps in the music. This really made her late. So now, she seriously got worried and in a haste came out of the bathroom, completely fresh, fragrant and fluorescent, emitting all the positive energy the morning had imbibed in her that day. She wanted to look extremely gorgeous today. But she didn’t want to make-up much- as it would give her an odd look, not acceptable on normal days. So, she just combed her hair which she thought was quite stylish as well as suited her the most- the one because of which he had complimented her for the first time. She sprayed a mild cologne all over her torso. She had picked the best dancing outfit for practice she had- peach coloured. And then, she went out on the way to that place by her bike, with all the visualizations of her dream still in her mind.

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