Heart’s Call

Is it an illusion

or a string of connection

that is pinching me today,

forcing me to believe

you’re coming my way?


Why all of a sudden

this strange feeling had to happen?

It’s a sweet feeling for sure.

You’ve come for a broken heart,

you’ve come to cure.

And a realisation hit hard

thag our love is so pure.


How silly I am to believe!-

Out of all the things, you’re thinking of me !

It turns out to be true, now that’s my plea.

Please fulfill this need, please make me free.


How come I never felt this before?

When you were around all those times

and we had been exchanging

stares and smiles?


Why do I feel this?

When you are nowhere, even in a few miles.

After all this while

while our love had been in exile?


Is it just my overthinking

Or is it just my stupid mind

Are you thinking of me?

Is it really some telepathy?


How badly I wish this to be true.

How badly I wanna communicate

How excited I am to hear your name

How eager I am to feel your presence!


Don’t test my patience more

Coz I have already passed that with flying colours.

Now, it’s time for my reward

And to receive that, I’m losing it all.


Strange enough

I feel your touch

Which I never ever had.

Strange enough

Mind speaks your name

Even if it’s out of context!


Please come soon

Wanna see the glow of

The big love moon…