My First Post on WordPress

And so I start with my first post.

Earlier in the afternoon I had created my blog. From the past few weeks I was constantly thinking of starting to write again. I had many many issues on which I had decided to write. But as I created the blog and was about to write my first post, I got just blank. May be, because of exhaustion…..

Ya, today my Board exams ended. It was English Communicative today. It went very well.

And maybe, because of that exhaustion, I could not think of anything to write in my first post.

From the past few weeks, I had been so eager to write my blog and also eager that people read and respond my writings. I was very eager, excited, so much I can’t explain you. But, as my Boards were on, I could not dare to even jot down a single word to write in the blog. I decided, as soon as the exams will be over , I will start expressing my heart out.

And so I am here with this blog. “DesireToExpress”. Yes, desire to express. More than anything else, it is just my desire to express myself, on whatever topic it may be. I want to express my views and share them with others on the topics of common interest and know people from around the world. I want to know others views on some topics and enhance my understanding in that.

There are so many crucial social, economic, political and natural issues churning up around the world and if we, the youngsters don’t discuss it and take actions, then who else will?

Our ancestors have done enough to quench our thirst. Now, we are pacified with everything we “have”- all our luxuries.¬† But what we don’t have is real peace, real equality, real progress, real development and a real humanity.

Well, its still the first post. I just wanted to introduce all of you to my blog.

I ,really, with the depth¬† of my heart, want to bring out to others what I see, I feel, I act and what I ignore, the things which seem to me of utmost importance and the things which immediately need an apt solution…..