Dancing Dolls – Episode 5


Samar and Sonya, the owners of the NRS and their teacher, enter the Advanced Batch Studio room and inform about the Qualifier Round and the performances to be done. Just then, Jasleen , a former student of the NRS enters the room. Neil gets excited on seeing her.




Sonya- Oh, yay, she is here. Guys, welcome Jasleen, ah sorry, I mean Jazzlin and her friends. Her friends will be assisting us in organizing everything.


All- Yay! Hi Jazzlin! Welcome!

(All clap for her.)


Alifa- (Whispering into Neil’s ears)

You were saying that you are happy that she’s here. Why’s that?


(Sonya started speaking again and Alifa & Neil listen to her.)


Sonya- The third performance would be a Male Duet. We have our buddies- Shlok and Rehaan going for that.


(Shlok and Rehaan stand up and wave hands to the rest of them.)

(All hoot for them.)


Samar- The last performance but one of the most important is the Couple Performance. The Male-Female Duet.


Couple performance opens up a wide variety of possibilities to experiment upon. It has no restrictions. We can choose any theme in a couple performance. The rest kinds have some limitations. A good couple dance needs just two honest and passionate dancers with good understanding and chemistry between them. They don’t require exceptional choreography, coz if they are honest with themselves, their passion and with each other, they can beautify even the simplest steps. If they know each other well, and are good dancers, they have least issues.  While group dancers have co-ordination issues, this type can in fact, be the best in that.


Couple dances offer masculine physical strength for lifts and abilities to control everything as well as feminine grace and expressions and flexibility.


In all, it is the most special and important kind. So, for this we have two very special people, the hearts of the NRS – Neil and Alifa.


Cheers for them.


All- Yay!!!


Samar- Most of you had already guessed about this one , right?


All- Yeah, Samson!!!


Alifa- (to Neil) God! I am really excited.


Sonya- Any suggestions for the dance performances are welcomed. Tell us if you are good with your partners.


Neil- (to Alifa) Hey Alifa! I need to tell you something.

I really like Jazzlin. I really do. I have had a crush on her since the first day she entered the NRS. And I always wanted to dance with her, but never could.

Alifa, listen, I’m really sorry, but I hope you understand. Can you please help me perform this duet with her, if you don’t mind?


(Alifa had tears in her eyes but she wiped them before Neil could see them.)


Neil- Look, I am really sorry, but please, now you know na, how much I like her. This is the chance and the only way to get to her.


Alifa- (sighing) Yeah, okay. But how do we do that?


Neil- Listen, I’m going to talk to Sonya about it. You just accompany me, and agree with me and say that you are very very comfortable with & are in good friendship with the other girl Siyaali in the folk, who is to perform with Jazzlin.


Alifa- Hmm… Okay. As your wish Neil.


Neil- (hugs Alifa)

Aww, Alifa, thank you so much. You are such a darling.





He realizes that he hugged her, even though they were not so good friends . He immediately loosened his arms around her and gave a big smile to her. Alifa replied with a fake smile, tapped him on his shoulders and said, “Go, I am coming.”


Again tears started filling up in her eyes, but this time she let them fall. She was really sad, all her dreams were shattered. She had been so excited for this day. But she had no other option, except his happiness, of course!



Next day while practice, she saw both Neil and Jasleen, practicing together. They were good but she thought that Neil and she herself would have been much more better. She cried a bit, then convinced herself that now she can’t do anything about it. So, better she should focus on her performance. She started ignoring thoughts of Neil, as everytime she thought of him, it made her feel really sad and hopeless.


Three days later, Neil approached her and said that he wanted to talk something really important. Alifa ignored him and said that she had an important work. She then left for home. She now knew that she can never gain his love. So, it is better to stay away from him to control her feelings and focus on her career.


When at home, she cried a lot and recalled her moments with him. But then, she reminded herself about Neil’s attraction towards Jasleen and tried to stop his thoughts from coming to her mind. She slept with her face wet with tears.


Next morning, with a bit positive attitude, she left for school.


Yes, Neil and Alifa had been studying in the same school for past 6 years. This was their last year in the school. They were in 12th and in a few months their school life would end.

They were studying together since they were in class 7th. Alifa had shifted in to this city Bengaluru, from Agra. She then joined her current school St. Louis High School the same year and also joined the NRS Studio the next year- when she was in class 8th.Neil had joined NRS 1 year before Alifa.


Alifa had started liking Neil the day she saw him perform in the school stage, on Teacher’s Day. Everybody knew Neil to be a great dance performer and a good student.


But Neil never took notice of Alifa, neither as a classmate nor as a dancer because in the NRS, they were in separate batches. It was only the last year in class 11th that Alifa reached the Advanced Batch, where Neil had already reached an year before her. It was then that Neil started admiring her for her excellent dance.


She reached the school and entered the class. Neil was already there and was waiting for Alifa to come. Neil and Alifa had started to be normal friends since the start of class 12th. He tried to talk to her but could not, since she ignored him again. Neil talked to one of her friends Amaya and took her number.


After school, when Neil reached home, he texted Alifa.


“Plz plz Alifa, plz reach d studio early 2mrw by 7:30 am. I hv smthng really imp 2 talk abt.”


Neil now doubted that Alifa was upset with him because he had refused to perform the duet- the most important and highlighting performance with her. He wished everything to be alright and slept with a hope of a better morning tomorrow.



  1. Stars of Life · January 6, 2016

    5 Episodes! Amazing! Good script! You should try for the job of a script writer in SOAPS and serials! It would be great! I’m trying my level best to knock at few’s doors, will see what happens. Anyway, I’m really enjoying it, need a lot more, this dancing doll, has to roll a lot. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sheetal Pahadi · January 8, 2016

      Oh my God…… Thank you so much…. 🙂 Thanks.It means a lot really. And well boy, you really have a nice analysing power. Why did you tell about scripts? You know its absolutely true.I mean I started this story thinking like I am writing a script.You notice, that’s why I write episodes of the story and not chapters.!!!!!

      I have an interest in filmmaking and dance, so that’s why came up with this.

      And I am waiting for your book??? When is it going to be available????
      And yes, was it just a joke or really serious that you are trying as a Script Writer??????

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stars of Life · January 8, 2016

    The way you’ve written and yes, about the episodes, it was easy for me to say that you have script in your mind and you’re just portraying it in your beautiful words. Its really great that you’ve interest in that because its trending the most currently. Well, I guess the book will be available by summer. Few touches are left, so yeah! 🙂 And yes, I am trying to be a Script Writer as well as a Story Writer. Both are linked to each other, that’s why.

    Liked by 1 person

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