A Post to Gear Up

This is just a random post today.

I am quite concerned about the political conditions here in India. India really needs young volunteers in politics who are very different from the typical politicians.

A few days back I heard on a news that a student of class 11th was arrested in UP who had posted offensive words to provoke religious conflict in the name of Aazam Khan, a local minister. And that guy was immediately arrested in just 24 hrs. It is good that instant action was taken.

But is this kind of action only to be taken against common citizens?

What about MPs, MLAs ???

Saadhvi Prachi isMohan-Bhagwat3 constantly giving offensive speeches and is turning against her earlier spoken words. Moroeover, she says wrong things against ‘Father of our Nation’- Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Saakshi Maharaaj, Bhagwat, what all they speak threatens the unity of our country.

Just check this controversial speech

Then why actions are not taken against them?

When BJP was in opposition, it had opposed against Congress’s statements like this.index

And now what???

Will it not warn its ministers and MPs strictly to stop giving such worthless statements which disturb the harmony of our country???