From the Treasury Of My Previous Writings — Part 2

Childhood — Lost Somewhere In The Childhood

Oh! I wish those childhood days

Could come back in any way

Childish innocence, love and carelessness

These memories cherish life long seriousness.

When I see my siblings play

My heart really does go fail

Then I regret why I lost

this beautiful morning frost

And became much mature

than had time demanded

Why hadn’t I been childish for long

& have been tension free and daily singing song

I could have played those “baby” games

& have forgotten the “tension’s” name.

I had known which I must have not known

Or I should have known when I had grown more.

Why I was in such a haste

& knew what a mature should and made it all waste.

When I see children around

Jump & fall & laugh around

 My heart really does go fail

& I am almost about to wail.

One more reason for not enjoying

Childhood fully upto its brim

Is that my elders had been so protective

That being a girl I was locked in.

Our minds had already been set

what we call today being conservative

Since we didn’t live in any ‘colony’

Playing was merely a waste of time.

Even I can’t explain all this

But I really do feel this

I can’t write any more coz if I do so

I may feel I’m blaming my society.

I just know this much that I have spent my childhood

The way I should have never done for my good

I had grown mature before time

And had lost that little childish smile

But still I don’t know the reason behind this

So I end up here with just these lines.