Dancing Dolls- Episode 4


After a few minutes, Samar and Sonya arrived at the Advanced Batch Studio where Neil and Alifa were already waiting for them. A group of other students followed the ‘Sam-sons’. Neil and Alifa , excitedly, stood up as soon as they reached there. Samar and Sonya took to the centre of the room and they asked all the students to sit down on the floor.

Sonya started.

“As you all know, 2-3 weeks later we are going to perform in our life’s biggest ever test. The Qualifier Round for the ‘International Dancers’ Quest’. I think this round is a lot more important and difficult than the actual competition there at Las Vegas. Coz, there more than just winning the competition, learning, experiencing and exploring dance would be our aim. But here, from now on till 3 weeks, our only aim is to win. We have no other option but to win. Winning would take us to every dancer’s dream land- The International Dancers’ Quest land. Losing would shatter all our dreams. You have no right to dream of the Quest, if you can’t make yourself capable enough to snatch away the Winner’s Trophy of the Qualifier’s Round.

We don’t know whether they’ll take the runner ups of this round to Vegas or not. We don’t know how many of the troupes like us would be going there, yet. Only on the Qualifiers day would we be able to know about the criteria of selection. We are in no position to take any risk.”


“Thus, we have only one thing left to do- to do the best, to be the best! Only that would take us there. And I know all of my students, nahh, my Dance Legends of the so reputed NRS Studio, the Nritya Shakti Studio, have that potential to touch the sky. Do you have?”

All              Yes!

Sam&Son– Do our Dance Legends of N—-R—-S have that potential?

All             Yes SamSon! We have it.

Sonya- So let’s buck up. And we are good to go for the Vegas.

Samar       Are we ready?

Okay, so let me make everything clear to you all. Let me tell you what all we have planned for the Qualifier.

We’ll have to go for four performances in total. First, is definitely a group performance. So, the best students of the Beginner and Intermediate Batch and all the Advanced Batch Students will be in it.

The ones from Beginner and Intermediate are already here with us- we have already selected them.

Sonya–        Second performance would be Female Duet and we are going for ‘Folk’. There’s a special information for y’all.

You might remember Jasleen, who was there with us in the Beginner’s Batch and you all know that she is extremely good in Folk/Indian styles.

Well, last week, she enrolled with us again but was not coming coz she was out to attend a wedding. She’s here in the town back and she would be joining us today.

Just then three girls enter in the room.


Neil (to Alifa) – OMG! Jazzlin!

Alifa– Who? (With a puzzled look)

Neil– I mean Jasleen. Everybody calls her Jazzlin, she’s so popular. OMG, she’s coming here?

Oh, my happiness has no limits Alifa!

Alifa– Why? What……….?

Sonya– (interrupting)(to Neil and Alifa) Silence please both of you!