On Track?

Hi guys!

Today, I had been in a long life-chat with my aunt. And suddenly I realised, that lately I have been quite off-track. Off-track in the sense that my goals, wishes, ambitions have been quiet not-right. I have been giving my emotional sanity way way too much importance than I should have. Life has so many other things to take care of! I had actually (unfortunately, but I have to say this) gone off-track. Had focused at the wrong side of things like friendships, relationships, my desires, pleasures, people’s perceptions, etc. But after this hours long chat with my aunt, I realised the purpose of what I am doing and what should be the purpose of what I have to do! I need to be strong emotionally as well as financially. So I think now, I will focus more on what will strengthen me and my near and dear ones, and not more on what is right and what is wrong and whether it is the right time or not. Rather, I would focus more on improving my¬† conditions and those of my loved ones, better. And rather than thinking too much about anything, if I feel that my one particular action can better up certain things, I think I’ll now try to do them.


Life is too short, but still we have to make it big! And I need to stop scheduling out things into the future. I should not focus on my amount of preparations, whether it is a perfect day or not, rather I should focus on how far it is left to attain success at that particular job.


I have now realised, that I have to create for myself a fresh set of ideologies and principles that I will have to bind myself to work upon, because had my stale set of ideologies been good enough, I would have not been in such a miserable state. That’s a clear indication that many things are not right with me, and I do need to change certain ways.