Which is your best part of the day?

My favorite and best parts of the day are –

Early morning [5-8 : If during vacations I have the courage to wake up at 5 😉 ]


Late night (‘the about to go to bed’ time).

Let me explain.


I like mornings because whatever might have happened last night, morning makes you forget almost everything (sometimes it may not be able to make you forget those things but definitely it may vanish the pain to a lot extent which had been terrible the last night).

I always want my mornings to be the mornings when I am not frustrated or I don’t shout on anybody (coz this is common- I really don’t want any interference in my morning pleasure and so I shout at everybody for disturbing me when I am in my quality time).

Also, the cool breeze in the morning- whether its summer, winter or rainy – just mesmerizes me.

And in that coolness, drinking tea/coffee with the family is just so awesome.

Reading the newspaper- again gives immense pleasure.

Then, what I do is just an obvious thing to do for me- I would always do that- I switch on my TV , change to a music channel, increase the volume to a great height and listen the awesome music – sometimes I even groove with the beats- and truly, that’s the most beautiful part of the day.

And now, a new thing has been added to my list- checking mails and browsing the blog world! WOW!!!

What else would be better other than having a great start to your day by the following routine? Just imagine the pleasure of it !

  • Drinking a Tea/coffee
  • Then reading the newspaper
  • Listening to music or dance
  • Blog Browsing

From the past few days, really I have been thinking that the best way to start a day is this routine.

I get overjoyed by experiencing the feeling of reading blogs just after waking up and trust me, its like, I am really experiencing what is written on that blog.

A fresh feeling comes.




As soon as the time to go to bed comes, I get glad! Why? Because I know the time is approaching when no one will say “why are you being so lazy and sleeping”? I love to sleep- coz I love to dream- I love to see what I have never seen- I love to experience what I can never experience in this world!

I also love the bed time coz I know – no one will see if I am thinking something keeping my eyes open or keeping them closed- no one will know if I am smiling at something or crying in the darkness- no one will know if I am deep in my dreams with the highest pleasure I ever had coz my day was good or if I am sleepless coz of something unfortunate that happened in my life. The night time is the quality time of any person- time to analyse oneself – time to imagine things which else would never happen- time to cherish past moments- time to just relax- or time to make plans.

I just love it when I enter my dream world!!!

Which is your best part of the day? Infact, what is in your point of view, an ideal day ??? – Say, an ideal day routine!! What kind of routine you enjoy???


Out of Order!

Yes, I am out of order these days. I am out of my physical as well as mental order. I don’t know why. I think it is because I have nothing to think about these days and it is said ,”An empty mind is a house of the devil.”

I have been suffering so much these days. I don’t have a good routine. I wake up whenever I want, I sleep whenever I want – be it the day time or night, I just keep on using Internet, and my most favorite timepass -TV- is also away from me these days. These days are my summer vacations. It has been 1 and a 1/2 months since the new academic session has started and still I have not started with my self studies. I have given my Board Exams one and a half month before and I decided I would relax for sometime and then start again for class 11th with full and fresh energy.

But I failed to regain that energy, that consciousness, that sound-mind, that ready-to-work behaviour. I don’t know why.

All my classmates and friends have already started to prepare for 11th, 12th and other competitive exams.

And I am still there where I was 1 and a 1/2 months before.

I am ambitious. I think about my future. I have pretty well decided and defined what I want to do in future and when. But I fail to execute. How can I start to execute my plans if my mind is not ready. My mind needs something to occupy it- but that occupation should not be of thoughts- that occupation should be the ‘processing’ required to complete various tasks. And then surely I would be ‘in the order’.

But still I wonder HOW?

I know everything about me coz I have analysed things a lot (more than required).

But I am still there, where I was 1 and a 1/2 months before.

In the hope of ‘my’ revival !



Hello everybody

Today I am going to introduce myself to you all a little more—I am going to introduce my HSP side, actually not a side , its whole of me, I am completely an HSP.

You might be wondering what is HSP???

So, here it is HSP – Highly Sensitive /Hyper Sensitive Person

Yes I am a Highly Sensitive Person – more than a quality it sometimes becomes a drawback.

Today’s incident only, an hour back only , I realised this fact again.

I went to a nearby stationary shop to buy notebooks for my new academic session. My friend has bought medium size 200 page notebooks as she thinks they are pretty cute – small and light to be kept in the bag. But I thought at least for Physics and Chemistry I need register size 200 page notebooks because the whole year I need it, since now no more semester system and also I need it for next year as well.How many notebooks I will maintain for a single subject???? -This was my thought. But I didn’t want to be “odd one out” as well.

While I was creating a list for the required things before going to the shop, I kept on thinking and thinking about whether I should buy register size or a medium size one. I kept on imagining what it will look like if I write in each of them and compared them. This was seriously too much thinking coz its just about buying notebooks. Its nothing right or wrong in that. But still I kept on thinking.

Even when I went to the shop, I still kept on thinking and thinking.

It irritated me a lot to think so.

Earlier I had read an article about the problems of HSPs. This is really a problem for me and I am frequently unable to make quick decisions because of this. When I read the article I realized, how I used to take so much time in making such petty decisions. So I decided to try not to care a darn in such petty decision making situations.

So, when I recalled this, then I thought “Let it be. I’ll see what happens. I’ll buy register size ones only.”

And with a hard heart I decided to do so overcoming my HSP problem.

But still its a huge huge and huge problem for me.

Does it also happen with anyone of you???? Please share it with me.

Anyone if knows the solution for this please let me know………….