Quake Account!

26th April 2015
6:00 pm

The clouds are thundering and I am seeing lightning. The roaring sound of the wind and of shaking trees is so loud but pleasant as well. Some natural disturbances are very nice and exciting to us just coz we experience them for the 1st time. We laugh and smile at them & enjoy. But, even if we try to, even if we have that sensitivity, we can’t understand the pain that natural disasters give to others who experience them when nature becomes the villain of their lives. Their hard earned money utilized in getting them settled & in making their dream home – all gets wasted.
Yesterday, at near about 11.50 am (25th April) I and my brothers were in our room, sitting on the bed and playing. I was making them write something. We were playing ‘school-school’. (OMG. Again the terrible lightning. Its still a little luminous evening but seems like a beautiful dawn with fresh air briskly blowing).
We were playing, when suddenly my father came to the room and said,
“Tum logon ko pata nahi chala kya?”
(“Didn’t you guys know?”)
I said, “Kya?” (“What?”)
& he said, “Bhookump aaya tha”. (“It was an earthquake.”)

We were all so excited. I know it is quite harsh & rude to say this. But that’s what it was – we were excited. We live in an interior central-east state of India- Chhattisgarh surrounded on its four sides with other states and this keeps us quite protected from natural calamities. That is why we had never experienced any such thing.

My father had felt the tremors, the shaking of the ground but since we were sitting on the bed, playing, we could not.

All of us came out and discussed it with our neighbours. Then I switched on the T.V. and immediately came to know all the details – 7.9 earthquake – epicenter Lamjung in Nepal near
Kathmandu & so on.

But still I felt so excited.

(Now the rain has started. Heavy raindrops are falling. It has become a pleasant weather.)

I could not help myself but to feel excited.

But, I still pray from the core of my heart to the victims of Nepal earthquake, I pray for all the Nepalese who have lost their lives, their property, their heritage, their loved ones, I pray for the Indians in Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh who have died in this disaster.

Now I know, it is difficult to understand and feel the pain unless we see it from close.

But we can try atleast!

Proud that our country has rendered a helping hand to our brothers & sisters there in Nepal.
HOPE we understand the need of environment conservation.
Later when I was watching news on TV, I saw, a girl’s head was bleeding very much. She had got hurt due to fight for food and at that particular moment the news reporter was reporting instead of helping her. She was crying like anything. She was shouting in pain. It is sad that that reporter was Indian.

Wish I could move to Nepal and volunteer to help the victims for atleast a month. I could really do so if I was adult and financially independent.

Prayers for victims !