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“Education would be so much more effective if its purpose were to ensure that by the time they leave school, every boy and girl should know how much they don’t know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it.”


We are Hiring!

Hey guys! This sounds too funny. But yes, I wanna tell you that lately I have been looking for cliparts to add on my story – ‘Dancing Dolls’ series. But I didn’t get satisfactory results.

So, I thought that this blog world is filled with a lot of Super-Creative people who are eager to bring out their Talents to the whole world.

So , this is an awesome opportunity for all you Super-Creative, Artistic people to showcase your hidden talents.

So a little detail about my requirements.

  1. This is not a job. That means, I won’t be able to pay you for that dear, sorry, I am still not financially independent. I am 16 and I am still studying.
  2. I will mail you my requirements as in what I need in those drawings. The drawings will definitely be related to my story, so that I can add them to the story for readability and attractiveness.
  3. The drawing requirements will most probably be Silhouette type. So,you  can try to dig out more about that.
  4. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to submit your drawings in a given span of time. But please, for my sake, try to submit as soon as possible.At least 15 days time you will get.
  5. In case, you need any computerised editing for your drawings, I will be there. I am good at it.
  6. Most importantly, your Name/ Blog Name will be imprinted/ watermarked on that drawing and you will get exposure as an artist.

Guys, this is really a great opportunity to test your skills, and enhance it on every episode on the Story. Take it as a challenge to fulfill my drawing needs, and it will be great fun.

All the teens are invited!

Drop me a comment below and I will get in touch with you.

Smile people 🙂


Dancing Dolls- Episode 3


She reached the NRS studio at about 7:35 am. She entered her classroom ‘Advanced Batch Studio’ and was busy day-dreaming. A voice, familiar, said “Hey Alifa! Come Fast! Here.”


Alifa:        Hi! You came so early today?

Neil:          Yeah! You know na, how much important this is for me?

Alifa:        Yeah, I….

Neil:          (interrupting) By the way, you look different today. What’s so special, huh?

Alifa:        (Hiding away her blush) No, nothing.

Neil:          Whatever it is, you look good. (smiles at her)

Alifa:        (shocked a bit) (after a pause) (smiled back)

Thanks, I am……..

Neil:          (Again interrupting) By the way, are you ready? It’s ballroom, so it’s gonna be a bit tricky.

Alifa:        Yeah, I know, but I am ready.

Neil:          Yeah, you are a Ballerina, beautiful! It would be a bit more easy for you.

After all,

Tu club ki Shakira, hum galli ke Michael

Main desi kya jaanu, international rhythm……

Alifa:        Ahh! Hahaha……..

Neil:          Hahaha…..

But still, I think you should be careful about your feet positions coz Ballet has restricted feet. But in ballroom, you have to………

Alifa:        (Interrupting) Yeah! Yeah! I got it Neil.

Relax. Just chill.

I know how important this is for you. It is important for me too. Trust me, we are gonna make it happen, ferociously, deadly and stage-breakingly.

Neil:          Ummm, yeah! I know you will! You are extremely good. I am the one who needs practice.

(Taps his head at back and clutches his hair.)

Alifa:        (Smilingly) Yeah, you really need to.

Hey! It’s 7:55.. ‘Sam-son’s might just be reaching here any moment. Let’s get the room arranged and start the music system.

Neil and Alifa started putting off the curtains, dusting the sitting cubes a bit and throwing the props from the floor to sideways.

They started the music system as well.

They were completely ready for today’s class. They didn’t want to waste a single minute today. It was their life.

They were waiting for the so-called ‘Samsons’ – Samar and Sonya, to reach the classroom.

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