The Changing Generation: June 2014

Click this link to view the complete post. —The Changing Generation: June 2014.


It is one of my dreams to go to Pakistan – you believe it or not. Not just I wish to go there when I am awake, I even see myself cross the border in my dreams. This dream is not newly born. It has been there with me since I was nearly about 8-9 years. At that age, I didn’t even know the exact relationship or I may say the differences between the two ‘brother-sister’ nations. At that time, I just knew that some of the terrorists who had attacked Mumbai were of Pakistan and that India-Pakistan relations were not so good. But I don’t have any hatred towards our neighboring country – which most of you might be thinking that I feel such on the basis of above para. It is not so. Terrorism should be seen in terms of its ideology and the people who promote it, not the nation where they reside. But this should not make the nations wash off their hands from this great responsibility of combating terrorism from their motherlands. Hating or disliking any country on the basis of presence of terrorist groups is not okay. Because even India has got some terrorist and maoist group. And we are really trying hard to stop these activities and make our nation more peaceful. So every country with the co-operation of their citizens, should take steps to uproot terrorism. It was very sad to see the recent disastrous attacks at Karachi. I don’t understand why terrorist groups need to pick up violence as their arms to get their work done. …………………………….Click this link to view the complete post. —The Changing Generation: June 2014.


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