I am grateful to you

Date: 20th Feb’2016

This life is so strange. This world is so weird. Sometimes, the people whom you least expect from, give the best happiness in an awful time. A call from a long lost friend made my day so good, but at the same time made me so sad. Now, I can’t help but keep on thinking of the golden memories of the past which seem far today, which are so precious to me. The past of any person always seems so beautiful. And in teen life, it seems like a mirage, amidst the search for an oasis in our deserted lives. My aunt had once said, ” Don’t be so emotional, it will make things difficult for you.” Guess she is right. Why can’t I be practical? Even the small events trigger my memory and I, sit with a heavy heart, longing for those days to come back.


Sometimes, you don’t realise anything unless someone points it out to you. That friend said me, “Yaar, those days in Francis were the best days.” Then I realised, how good days I have spent and am still spending here. No bunking of classes, no revolutionary rule-breaking, but still that enjoyment; life was so good then.


But today, I fear to go back to my memories to live them again. I fear, I will get lost in them again. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stoppped being nostalgic completely. At times, they do haunt me. People from the past come to my dreams out of nowhere, so often. There are many people whom I will not tag as my Best Friends, nor will they, but still they all have played such an important role in my life, that I can never forget them in my wildest dreams.


I thank you all my friends (my classmates and all other schoolmates) from the past and the present as well, for sharing such beautiful moments of life with me!


It’s not important that those people remain your friends for life, but every single moment that you enjoyed with someone- known or unknown, important to you or not, that each moment is a bliss and that is what we call the true gift of life.


This is why humans are social animals. This is why humans and all other living beings have emotions. No matter how practical we become in life, our emotions are the driving force of our behaviour. These emotions are our topmost priority. And these emotions are all what really matter to us!


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