Consumed by words

I am not the girl who will make you want to fight the world for me.

I am not the one whom after talking to you’ll get bathe in euphony.

I wont pamper you by making cold coffe at 3 a.m. in night.

I am not the woman you’ll go head over heels in first sight.

I am the one who will rattle your each preconceived notion,

Who will constantly push your further in life to glisten.

I am not the beautiful fragile mess the writers glorify,

But a woman with fierce determination to reach the sky .

I am not the midnight coffe but a morning brew,

a alluring shady belle which you wished you knew.

And baby Im not the pleasant winter nights,

but perpetual sunshine seeping into your insides

And I vow to be always by your side,

to make your life

paradisiacal like the heavens above.


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  1. Ashish kumar · August 14, 2015

    very nice creation… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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