Ask Emma 1: GCSEs~ the complete guide!

Every student, especially the ones who are going to give their Board Examinations this year must definitely definitely and definitely read this. Thank you so much “Tales of a Typical Teen’ for writing this awesome inspiring career-oriented post. 🙂

tales of a typical teen

Last summer, I sat my first proper public school exams. Of course i’d done loads of exams by this point, but none of them ‘counted’ for anything as such, and for anyone living in the UK, you’ll understand what I mean when i say GCSE’s were a big step up out of my comfort zone.In year 11, the thought of sitting 17+ exams in the space of a few weeks, that could potentially determine whether or not I returned to school, had me feeling extremely nervous to say the least.  A year later, and I’ve just finished my AS’s and believe it or not, i’m still alive (just about!).

Theres no doubt that GCSE’s/AS/A levels/ general exams aren’t always fun, in fact they are a bloomin’ big pain in the backside for a few months. It can be really hard to find the motivation to work through a stress and…

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  1. Ashish kumar · July 8, 2015

    I have nominated you for twin awards… check here… 🙂

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