Celebrating ‘International Yoga Day’

So, today its International Yoga Day and it makes me feel proud that my country gave origin to a new lifestyle which almost every country has appreciated and accepted.

Yoga is actually a workout, originated in India, which ultimately turns into a lifestyle and a thought on daily practice. Yoga not only focuses on the body’s movement, but also aims at mental and spiritual health. It helps the mind to focus and the spirit to get rid of negative thoughts and inculcate positive thinking in our lives. Yoga’s soul lies in its breathing and meditation exercises, followed by body balancing and slow body movements rather than pushing your body forcibly.


Today, we had to reach school by 6:35 am to celebrate Yoga Day by doing Yoga from 7:00 am sharp to 7:35 am (as directed by the  Central Board of Secondary Education).At Rajpath, New Delhi, 35,000 people along with Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, had been doing selected 21 AASANs (postures/exercises) of Yoga and it made a world record.For the past 3 days, we had been in 1 hour Yoga Practice Sessions and trust me they were just awesome and relaxing. It was a very good feeling. But today, I was a bit irritated. Actually, the teachers were made to stand in between the lines of students and I personally felt a bit awkward and was not able to do Yoga freely. I had been doing it freely during the practice sessions. And the 2nd reason being the dress code. We were doing Yoga in the school uniform. It would have been much more good and comfortable if we would have worn lower-T shirts.

Today, the weather was quite favorable as compared to the awful hot weather these days. The weather was cloudy and cool breeze was blowing which made it easy for us to focus on our exercises. Past 3 days, we enjoyed a lot. And Yoga really made us feel a bit relaxed. It felt good because we students usually don’t get time to do Yoga or any other exercises specifically. It actually made me feel healthier.

I think many of you also practice Yoga. So please do let me know about your Daily Yoga Routine and how you feel doing it and what change it has brought to your life.


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