Strange Co-Incidence!

So, this mail gave me a complete shock!(with my mouth wide open.) How could such a co-incidence happen?

If you have read my previous post, you would definitely know about the ‘5 facts about mclipart-surprised-girl-manga-smiley-emoticon-256x256-579ae’. In that I had revealed that I hesitate to call people and also that my communication skills are worst. That post was yesterday’s.

And today, when I opened my email account, I saw this mail!

It said “How to Communicate Effectively on Telephone”. Isn’t it strange?

That immediately gave a thought to my mind – ” Are there internet spies who stalk people’s every social activity over the internet and use it to promote their products?”

Probably, it is not such. But, this incident really provoked this thought in my mind. When I saw this mail first ,I started laughing to myself. It was really strange.

I also thought that maybe one of my co-bloggers wanted to help me out with this condition of mine and thus they sent me this mail. Then I wondered, if this was the case, how would they have got my e-mail address????

But, wait!

I got it why it was so.

In this mail, there was a link to the site which aimed at telling us “How to Communicate Effectively on Telephone”. So, I clicked the link. And I saw, the browser redirected me to a page I had registered before, and that was “LearnSocial” website. But, then again, I used that site to view IT lessons and once for Language Lessons (just once). Then why, only ‘this’ lesson came to me as newsletter?????

learn social

This is the site which opened up on clicking the link in that e-mail.

Well, let’s leave it because I realised it came froma KNOWN site in which I was a registered user. So, I left my brainstorming over that.

So tell me, did you guys ever experience such a co-incidence? Leave your experiences in the Comments section below.




  1. Ashish kumar · June 16, 2015

    good experience…. 🙂
    I have nominated you for Encouraging Thunder award… check here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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