An Awkward Situation

Hello everybody

I want to share with you one of the most awkward experiences of my life…….

It happened a few months back………can-stock-photo_csp19624214

Our school had organised a ‘Declamation Competition’ and I had participated in it. I decided to speak a speech of Sushma Swaraj – our country’s Foreign Minister. I had not practiced that much which I needed to- I agree. The reason behind this was that I was constantly busy for a few months for a very important project to be presented at the state level where I and my few other friends and seniors represented our school.

But 2 days before I started to practice and till the day of competition I was prepared enough.

Firstly, my turn was at last almost and I had to go to practice for the Group Dance Competition. Then at last my turn came. I went there. I spoke in Hindi. Actually I was looking for one of my bestiies while speaking….It all went fine until the warning bell rang…. It was the ring for letting me know that my time was about to get over….

But I spoke….


….. I wanted to complete the part of speech which I had written and submitted to incharge. We had to submit the speech which we were to speak to the incharge.

In the fear that I might not complete what I had written and submitted, I spoke and spoke trying to complete it, and ended up fumbling, leading me to an entirely awkward situation…… I tried to speak and complete what I wanted to ……..

…..but could not.

At last I lost, bowed my head down in sigh………. I could not perform my best………….. not even that much which could let me walk out of that stage with head above……No regret…… That I could complete my task……

But that did not happen……….. I was very disappointed with my casualness……. I could not face any of my schoolmates………… I just went with my head down out of the stage to the backstage ——-actually a sidestage where all other contestants were standing…….. Then I walked the side where the audience was sitting and reached the back of the space where audience was sitting……….I sat down……. More than anyone else, the one person, my bestie whom I was searching for while speaking, I feared that person to face in such an awkward, disgusting, irritating situation.

I remembered I had to go for Dance Practice……… I took permission from one of the teachers sitting there and left……..

And then the most awkward thing happened…….

As I was about to step out of the hall, to the stairway, I just fell down…………And it hurt me very badly…….. on my knees and near shoulder………

I could not bear this……..

I just stood up …..and ran down as fast as I could………. I could realise the teachers and some students sitting at the back turned to see who has fallen……… and I thought a teacher might stand up and follow me to ask whether I was OK or not….

So I ran as fast I could…….. taking the shortcut…..or I may rather say, a not quite open way stairway which ran through the primary building, then I came out through the primary building, passed the ground and suddenly I met my classmate- one of my friends and was relieved……… I told her half the story……….I did not want to tell the whole truth.

Then went with her to the High School Building, walked past the corridor and reached the room where I had to practice.

*** Sometimes trying to manipulate things can be fatal. ***




  1. Stars Of Life · May 1, 2015

    Hey, first of all life without little awkwardness is life without nothing! See it indirectly became an unwanted adventure for you, when I was reading it, I felt it interesting. Although, you’ve written it in a very wonderful way. And yes, never hesitate while speaking in a competition, it will just make your level down. I have anchored, given speeches in many school occasions, and that made my personality even more awesome! So always stay calm and beautiful 🙂


    • sheetalpahadi · May 1, 2015

      Thank you so much for your views.

      And yes I do agree that life without awkwardness is life with nothing. You’ve given me a new perception. Thanks

      And yes, I myself have spoken a lot in front of everybody else. But sometimes, due to instantaneous conditions we lose our confidence, its not that we are afraid of speaking in public, but its just that at that particular moment we have low confidence and that makes everything worse.

      Keeping aside all this,
      Thank you so much for your response.



      • Stars Of Life · May 1, 2015

        Yes, I agree with you! Sometimes situations makes our speech little shiver, but if confidence is within us, then that shivering is nothing


        • sheetalpahadi · May 1, 2015

          Yeah! I agree
          Confidence is the most important thing which one should have in order to sustain in this world.


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