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So, now I have really got addicted to blogging.2836828090_67d4900ab3_o

It’s really an awesome thing to do. Knowing peeps from around the world, knowing their life, interacting with them, expressing yourself, its all so much fun……. More than fun its ‘feeling light’ in this so exhausting world.

I have read a few blogs today and am quite impressed with and addicted to them.

So much ‘blogging’ is exciting to me that to make people attend to my blog, I have posted so manblogging-employees1y times today.

So, from day after tomorrow, that is from 23rd March, our new session is going to start….. Yay,   I am going to 11th… I will study MY subjects. But this time I am not so excited the way I used to be in earlier classes. Don’t know why?

But most probably, the reason behind this can be……….. so early reopening of school, because day before yesterday only we have finished our 10th Board exams……. and day after tomorrow is our reopening………

Well, today it was a nice day. But sometimes its really important to let people go away from you no matter how important they are. Coz, if u don’t do so, you become obsessed with them and go mad, ultimately making out a fool out of yourself in front of everybody.

Obsession, I think is one of the biggest ailments……

And sometimes people are so shameless that they forget all their ethics and don’t have a bit of morality in them, that they respond to your frequent calls for a simple conversation.

When you and your friend meet and you don’t have any topic to talk upon, realise that their is something really wrong.


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