From The Treasury Of My Previous Writings

Day by day life seems worser

As if it can now never be better

People are treated

and told love is hated

In this very world

where each one of us

love what is not alive

and hate who live with us.

If the world is made of societies

societies- of people

and people of emotions, emotions and emotions.

Why can’t these be the basis for their reputation .

If people live together

Why can’t they love each-other?

And Is it worth to curb feelings

For such momentary materialistic things?

Ambitions are important

Yes, I agree

But at the cost of relation

Sorry, for I can’t be

Coz I get affected

With each and every word

of ours and others.

Whole day I analyze

My intentions of my lines

which I had spoken to you

And you, and you

And also some are there

miles apart from me and you.

Jolly moments are rare

And when I see their glare

I step out my foot bare

Without any protective wear

As soon as I am to touch and feel them

I fall down and hurt myself

The witnesses then make fun of me

and Insult me in front of everybody.

These witnesses are those whom I

had respected before my plight

But after what they did to me

To respect them is my soul’s and my fight

I try hard to stable these relations

But what stops me are the situations.

And now I think it has been too much

And should walk without any expression- I feel such

And now I feel frustrated

To write about these worst stages

But feelings when written are unstoppable

They flow out themselves – unexpectable………………


Every time something we gain

There is something that goes in vain

This ‘something’ may be feelings

may be friends

may be fame.

Or it may be anything

For the situations are not always onething.

There are times when we achieve

What we have always wanted to

What we thought were very high

And always wanted to grab them too.

But sometimes this happens when

We get separated from ourselves

Circumstances make us dishearten

And holding that achievement we break ourselves.

Social gatherings do make us happy

We try to enjoy each and every tiny

For when we are alone at home

We analyze whats wrong with us is going on.

And in these days what we are able to do

Is only possible when we are out with you

and others.

B’coz the rest of the time when at our place

We try to manipulate feelings and make it all disgrace.

Work  load gets worst even more

Expectations reach to the core

Moral strength keeps on going down

and Time — as it always — keeps passing on.

And there’s nothing left

But to regret

Moral strength keeps on going down

and Time — as it always — keeps passing on.


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